DDS trolls mocked Drilon taking a quick nap but wasn’t he one of Senate’s most productive Senators?

I know that for a while now, we’re seeing a lot of ‘Drilon Sleeping” memes and its been there for quite a while now.  Senator Drilon was known to be pretty inquisitive, rational and of course, very sarcastic to neophyte Senators who lobbies questionable bills in the chamber, which one such notable example is Manny Pacquiao himself, who requested to move the Boxing Commission under the Office of the President for no valid reasons whatsoever.

So it doesn’t come be much of a surprise when he was also being subject to social-media black-propaganda attacks in recent years for his firm stance against many of Duterte’s policies and of course his support to the opposition. And perhaps, most recent were his comments on Duterte’s Build Build Build program calling it a ”dismal failure” which caught the ire of many Duterte followers/pages/troll-farms eliciting an aggressive response from them.

Though Drilon’s concerns were quite legitimate and were not overstated out of jest since it is really true that Duterte’s Build Build Build program only built 2 out 75 infrastructure projects under the said program and then also 9 is currently under construction. If you ask me — these were clear signs that the said program isn’t doing well and that the Duterte administration should try to re-evaluate and re-assess the said infrastracture projects. Given that Duterte only has 2.5 years left in his term.

Of course, this doesn’t sit well with many of the Pro Duterte cult whom were well-entrenched in the idea that Duterte has built more than any other previous administrations. Perhaps, even eclipsing Marcos to that effect because of his seemingly strongman style politics and of course he was referred to be close as a God, where his statements can never be false and can never be wrong. He was deemed infallible in the eyes of his supporters.

So here are some of the photos currently circulating around social-media to mock Drilon and paint a negative image of him :

Courtesy of VOV-PH a notorious Pro Duterte propaganda outlet known to spread fake-news and disinformation. And then here’s a post made by one of Dutertes vitriol social-media fake news peddler ”Maharlika”.

Though these images were quite unsightly to an ordinary observer, but we have to consider if Drilon had actually been working well in the Senate before we judge him. Same as ordinary workers who ended up sleeping or taking quick naps at work not because they are lazy, but just because they’ve been working dead-set or rendering extra-hours to complete their tasks.

So I did a bit of searching and asking some people. And I found out that Drilon were not some lazy bum in the Senate, which what everybody think he is because of the viral images of him taking quick naps on the job.  Since, according to press-releases in the Senate website. He was in-fact one of the most productive Senators in the 17th Congress who passed land-mark laws which actually benefited Filipinos.

In the 17th Congress, Drilon authored three major laws: Amendments to the Revised Penal Code, the Philippine Identification System Act, and the Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines.

Drilon is also the author of the New Central Bank Act, and is one of the authors of the Department of Housing Law.

Drilon also worked hard to ensure that the Bangsamoro Basic law would be constitutionally compliant.

It was also Drilon who helped propose the solution to the budget deadlock, preventing a reenacted budget.

Did you know that Drilon was instrumental in the arrest and the conviction of Calauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez during his stint as Justice Secretary?

We could also appreciate his long-history of serving the country and his enormous contributions to the ultimate welfare of the Filipinos. Here’s his several years of administrative experience.

Drilon served the government and public corporations through the following positions:

  • Department of Justice
    • Secretary, (1990–1991; 1992–1995)
    • Chairman, Board of Pardons and Parole
    • Member, Judicial and Bar Council (JBC)
    • Member, National Unification Commission
    • Chairman, Presidential Committee on Human Rights (PCHR)
  • Executive Secretary (1991–1992)
    • Chairman, Cabinet Cluster on Political & Security Matters (Cluster “E”)
    • Member, National Security Council (NSC)
    • Vice-Chairman, Committee on Privatization (COP)
  • Member, Joint Legislative-Executive Foreign Debt Council
  • Department of Labor and Employment
    • Secretary, (1987–1990)
    • Deputy Minister for Industrial Relations, Department of Labor and Employment (1986–1987)
    • Member, Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC)
    • Commissioner, Social Security Commission
    • Chairman, National Labor Relations Commission
    • Chairman, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
    • Chairman, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration
    • Chairman, Employee Compensation Commission
    • Trustee, Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund)
    • Board Member, National Housing Authority
    • Chairman, National Manpower and Youth Council
    • Chairman, National Wages Council
    • Chairman, National Maritime Polytechnic
    • Vice-Chairman, Public Sector Labor-Management Counci
    • Chairman, Philippine National Bank (PNB)
    • Director, Philippine Air Lines (PAL)
    • Director, Land Bank of the Philippines
    • Board Member, Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation
    • Board Member, Population Commission
    • Cabinet Officer for Regional Development (CORD) of Region VI

In 2012, after Senator Ralph Recto stepped down as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, Drilon as its Vice-Chairman took over as its new Chairman and worked firmly for the enactment of the Sin Tax Law that would impose higher taxes on the cigarettes and liquors. Drilon proudly called it as “anti-cancer law” for he firmly believes that the law would discourage the people from taking cigarettes so that they will not suffer lung cancer.

So you see – Drilon wasn’t just some sleepy slog in the Senate, which many of the ignorant vitriol DDS trolls portrayed? Perhaps, we might need to go and check the records and do some research first before we go yapping non-sense on social-media.

(Sssh.. be quite — someone’s enjoying his 3-day rest-in-palace..)

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