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Leni has fallen (Wylie Chavez)

Here’s a fantastic write up from a good friend and ally Wylie Chavez on Facebook. Thought might be interested to read this and also it’d be awesome that it gets to reach a lot of people when posted on a website.

It was a bait and trap to bully her into silence.

They knew she wouldn’t bite. They knew that after denying the challenge, a rain of verbal attacks against her person, courage, and her sense of duty, would render her the weakest official in the country, removing from her the most remote chance of being the next president. Indeed it was meant to embarrass, to mute, to make irrelevant, and insignificant, the VP.

Except that she called their dare.

They underestimated her sense of duty. That even if there was ulterior motive behind the offer, her patriotism will always rise above her personal concern.

And now this admin is in panic. You heard me. P-A-N-I-C.

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Why is that?

Well for one, they gave her powers and with it comes privileges. They have in effect given her the keys to open pandoras box. And with it all their skeletons will be exposed.

So first the body cameras. With these cams set on play, policemen will now have second thoughts in killing suspects under the label nanlaban. This time the full surrender of suspects can be recorded which will result in more apprehensions and lesser killings. This will now belie the original war on drug’s claim that killing was inevitable. Of course there will be genuine nanlaban deaths, but the expected disparity between the # of deaths will raise red flags in the previous stats. It will open investigations and cast serious doubts on du30s approach.

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Secondly, the UN. I can just laugh at du30s frustration. What was once a TIGHT BAN AGAINST ANY UN representative or body, has now evolved into an international collaboration of sorts. Leni has dealt this admin a fatal blow by now letting the UN in, red carpet style. Soon she will call all to support the UN’s investigation on the war on drugs. And nobody can stop her, being the co chair on the war on drugs!

Third, and we expect this so, she will call an investigation on the shipment of drugs via BOCs alleged participation. So faeldon polong and all chummy drug lord bffs will be called and handed the spotlight again. Oooh scary proposition for them.

So you see, all the allies of du30 have seen the precarious situation they are all in. The expositions that will be revealed. THE TRUTH THAT WILL BE EXPOSED. All these give shivers to their crocodile spine. This is the reason that everything must be done to bring her down. The release of ATTACK DOGS such as sotto bong go bato panelo cayetano etc. All giving unsavory remarks against leni. Then IDIOTIC STUPID suggestion for her to join the raids. Imagine how stupid this is when we never even saw du30 in the field. Then INCREASE in fakeries revolving her statment.

Indeed this admin is praying wishing hoping and groaning for Leni’s failure. For a successful program against drugs will not only embarrass this president and his murderous approach against drugs, it will hand Leni a sure win in the presidency, something du30 and his cohorts are afraid of. (They can already hear the clanging of jail bars. Lol)

So a new war is being waged. And no, it’s not a new war on drugs. Its a war against the VP. A ferocious war to bring her down. To make her fail. Of which they hope that one day, in their chat groups, they will read the words:

But this will never happen. Why?


And given du30’s very weakened medical state, it’s just a matter of tic toc on life’s majestic clock.

Long live the queen, as they say.
Well, for me, God bless you, my VP.

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