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Chinese military fired at Philippine planes while patrolling in our own waters

Philippine military intelligence Chief Maj. Gen. Reuben Basiao informed the members of the House of Representatives that China has fired warning flares against our military planes whenever they attempt to patrol our own waters.  According to him, “China has been deploying its assets to hinder Filipino operations – both patrols and rotation and reprovision missions – in the West Philippine Sea,”

This was not the first of the many where China has been very aggressive against its Filipino counterparts. In fact, they have also blocked re-supply missions to Ayugin Shoal in an attempt to starve our soldiers stationed there. In fact, just, July this year – a Chinese commercial vessel rammed a stationary Filipino fishing vessel in the dead of the night and didn’t even bothered rescuing them. While the public cried out for justice – the Philippine government continued to whitewash the investigation and harassed the survivors to rescind all legal measures to hold the Chinese vessel or the Duterte administration accountable for the accident.

China does not own the West Philippine Sea — We do!

For a while now, I’ve seen a lot of posts and propaganda messages spread by Duterte’s paid social-media influencers with the sole intent to manipulate public opinion regarding China’s claims of our own waters. The primordial argument was that either China has legal and historical claim over those seas and rightly must we share it with them given that we both have long historical ties even before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. And or that China were so powerful that they might bomb all of the Philippines major cities should we attempt to assert our rights to our own seas.

All of these misleading and defeatist propaganda messages continue to divide the Filipino people and allowed the Chinese invasion of our seas unchecked and unchallenged by our own government — who for quite some time have been engaged in many onerous dealings with the Chinese govt in exchange of our sovereignty.

However, for as long as the people were kept busy fighting against each other. Arguing about whether which political color should be better or not or whose fault is who for the rising criminality and the sluggish economic state of the nation. The continuing non-sensical dramas which unfolds all over the social-media or the egregious public shaming of a Raffy Tulfo in Action and rhetorical fallacies of our leaders who soon act more like a random Internet troll than dignified statesmen. Then China’s expansion will continue all through the years, unchecked and unchallenged while the future of our country and our children depends on our actions today.

We own the West Philippine Sea and China is merely an outsider in the South China Sea dispute given that geographically the area it claimed were too far from its southernmost province. Way too far from it to qualify under UNCLOS 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone, which has been the basis of other claimants in the region. So don’t confuse yourself with it being named ”South China Sea” because it was not a name made by the Chinese government or by ancient sailors, but of Portuguese navigators in the 18th Century looking for routes from Europe and to South Asia particularly in China where silk trade was at its peak.

Chinese army harassing Philippine vessels and firing at Philippine planes – a bullying tactic from a coward like China

Of all the recent harassment and attacks. China knows that the inept and grossly incompetent Philippine government won’t try resist nor rally International condemnation of their actions since every politician in the country were already tagged and paid for with loans and investment deals by Chinese owned corporations.

They can ram any ship they want. Fire at any Filipino vessel or plane they want. The Philippine government couldn’t care less. Worse, most of Filipino populace were constantly bewitched and were bogged down by politically divisive propaganda messages designed to keep them on the edge — always eager to fire at their neighbors. Such, were weakness of Filipinos. We just love hating each other. Even if right from the back of our heads — we know that we’re just being manipulated and pitted against one another but we continued on. No wonder why the Spanish used to call us ”Indios” for our foolishness and our incapacity to act decisively.

China will continue to try poke our defenses and probing the extent of our reaction. In time, they may attempt to take Pag-Asa Island and should they succed in that — then we will lose the West Philippine Sea forever.

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