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New high-paying Duterte appointee Mocha Uson spreads fake news again!

There’s been several posts and memes circulating around social-media praising Duterte that he got the Number 10. Jersey distributed by FIFA President Gianni Infantino during the 35th ASEAN Summit held in Thailand last week.

Mocha Uson Blog who probably seen how we made a series of parody and memes about how Gianni almost forgot Duterte’s jersey and skipped him off from the proper distribution order of the jerseys and jumped in to the fray with yet another completely misleading meme. But before that allow me to explain what could’ve pushed the DDS horde to post these things.

Yesterday, I posted a parody video of Duterte being ignored by FIFA President in the distribution of the jerseys and were hilariously skipped in the distribution. Perhaps, there was a mix up or not so. This leads to many people commented telling me that it could simply be a minor error from the organizers’ part and possibly a mixed up on the distribution process. This is likely possible, but I personally disagree with this since right from the start if you watch the entire video again. All of the head of states was given in a proper and orderly manner. Starting with Laos Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith up until Malaysia’s Mahathir. Unfortunately, my friends. It was only Duterte, who did not receive the jersey in the same order as other head of states. Mistake? I

And while I do not wish to put the FIFA President in the worst light — however, I do not find this pretty surprising or even perhaps insulting as we all know that Duterte, who in the past been calling other world leaders in vile scandalous names and besmirching respected institutions like the EU and the United Nations. Worse, most of the ASEAN member states don’t really agree with Duterte’s fanatical policy of appeasing China, who also has several territorial disputes with Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

So I’m pretty sure they did that on purpose and if they did. Duterte deserved it big time.

Back on topic. So Mocha Uson Blog shared a meme praising Duterte for acquiring the Number 10 Jersey showing a photo of him with the jersey on hand and then she also added trivia stating that Number 10 football jersey players were known to be playmakers or best player of the team — insinuating that Duterte got the Number 10 jersey then likely he was special.

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However, this was not the case. Here’s how the jersey numbers were distributed according to the FIFA President himself.

“Number 10 was presented to Heads of State and Presidents while Heads of Government received a jersey with the number 9. The jersey for the President of Indonesia was specifically printed with number 21 as Indonesia will host the 2021 FIFA U-20 World Cup.” – FIFA President Gianni Infantino

So that in itself means that Mocha Uson and the rest of the DDS gang were completely misleading the public. And while it’s true that most good football players do sport a Number 10. Jersey but the fact that Duterte got them does not really mean that he was indeed special and that it was only him who received it.

Why do we need to explain this?

Because, no matter how trivial these things may be but they do account to a huge propaganda boost which in turn worsens the political polarization of the already divided country. The manipulative effects of this jersey drama could have a chilling impact on the rest of the gullible Filipino populace — always willing to drink up the Kool Aid.

My friends. We need to stand up and call out malicious posts like this, especially if it intends to mislead the public. The worst part of it all — if that person is a government employee employed by the people and paid by our taxes.

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