Glad to be back again after the attack

I’ve been away for quite some time since Facebook took down my access to publish stories, posts and links on my page for a brief period of time. I don’t know, but for some unknown reason I was punished for violating certain ”Page Policies” which were not really explained to me in detail, though I’m pretty sure I haven’t violated any of Facebook’s Community Guidelines whatsoever as far as my memory can recall.

I want you to know that I’ve been itching every minute to post something upon on the Page yet I couldn’t do it due to the suspension so I’m quite relieved that now I can start over again and fight on with you guys. I know this is not something new as in the past, I’ve been subject to many different type attacks such as mass-reporting and then DDoS attacks from China which took down my website for 48 hours.

In fact, there’s even been attempts to try and reverse-track my identity in many different ways possible — such as, of course tracking my Google Publisher ID to try and find out who I am and maybe harass me personally and my family to silence my opposition to Duterte’s wicked and oppressive regime.

I am aware of all these attacks and I’m pretty sure we can get through this again. Because we know that we are fighting for what is right and what is just. I hope and I pray that Facebook who in the past or even until now is being used to manipulate and control the public sentiments through disinformation can also be used to spread the truth and counter vile fascist propaganda targeted to undermine our will to resist against authoritarian rule and erode our capacity to stand up and unite against this evil regime.

To all Juan Luna readers and followers. My sincerest thank you for all your support. I want to assure you that our fight will continue to use our platform as the voice of the resistance. We shall inspire fellow concerned citizens to rise up and speak up more vocal than ever before against the atrocities of this evil regime.

My friends — it is not about who I am and on which political color I lean upon — but shouldn’t it be our universal mission to protect the universal human-rights and of course the preservation of the vibrant democracy tempered by sweat and blood by all the fearless revolutionaries who fended off tanks and teargas all with the selfless intention of bestowing upon us the freedoms we have today.

I’m happy to be back again. I promise that I will continue to share and upload more content to debunk fascist propaganda and resist this evil regimes ploy to divide us for their own gains, even if my life is in grave peril.

Till death.. Juan Luna Blog

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