Philippines famously called ”The Punisher” President fell from a motorbike

Newly elected Senator and Supreme Presidential alalay Bong Go revealed that President Duterte fell from a motorbike whilst inside the Malacañang Complex. He also said that the President is now resting in his official residence after the accident.

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The senator said Duterte used his elbow to catch his weight, which is why his hip is hurt. He added that Duterte was able to walk afterwards with a slight limp. No other details were provided on how severe the accident was.

“Alam mo si Pangulo hindi magpapahalata iyan kung nasasaktan siya. Sabi niya, ‘Hindi, okay lang ako,'”
– Bong Go

Daughter has always expressed his passion for motorbikes, even before he was elected to the Presidency. During his years serving as one mayor. He bragged that he used to patrol the streets in search of criminals and shoot them. Hence, why many people called him the ”The Punisher” akin to the famous comic book crime busting character.

In fact, last midterm elections, Duterte rode with his fellow allies and along with her daughter riding their expensive motorbikes under the scorching heat of the sun.

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As you may not know, the Presidential daughter Sara Duterte is also known to be a motor-bike aficionado like his father and currently owns both a Yamaha XSR900 (cost according to web search: P580,000), and a dark grey Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (cost according to web search: P800,00).

It seems that their love for motorbikes inconsequently conjured an image of a bike-hailing and crime-busting family which puts them even closer to the masses who mostly relied on this type of transportation in many different mountain barangays, Also, it contradicts public stigma of big fat politicians riding expensive cars and SUV’s. So this image worked well for him and his family.

I’d go around in Davao with a motorcycle, with a big bike around, and I would just patrol the streets, looking for trouble also. I was really looking for a confrontation so I could kill.’ – Duterte

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When his vicious and bloody war against Drugs has been initiated in 2016. He then bragged about his previous experiences in Davao where he used to patrol the streets and shoots suspected criminals on-sight or if not — just looking for a confrontation so he can kill. Such were his words which reverberated to the public’s consciousness, creating the mantra of impunity which encouraged the Police to mercilessly murder thousands of unarmed civilians including children.

So much for being called the ”The Punisher” or I’d say ”The Butcher”

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Credits to exclusive report from Rappler, ABS-CBN (Featured Photo is a stock-photo used for creative purpose, but this is not the actual accident figured by the President. Reader common-sense is advised.)


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