Trillanes accuser were once linked to Cebu’s Public Enemy Number 1 and alleged Drug Lord

Guillermina Barrido a self-proclaimed Anti Duterte, who has lived in Davao, claiming that she’s been part of Duterte’s roster of ghost employees and has intimate knowledge of its entire operations as well as allegedly allegedly harboring valuable intel against the Duterte’s to pin them down. However, no matter how true or not — her alleged information were pretty garbled, inconsistent and his dubious past seems questionable at best since she has done this before a son of Talisay City Mayor Fernandez where she at first instance attack her boss and then flipped over to the other side upon what appeared to have been a bribe or amicable settlement.

So around 2010. Gullermina Arcillas Barrido were a close-in bodyguard of the then Talisay Mayor son ”Joavan Fernandez” and has since been diligently fulfilling her duties to his boss until she such time that she noticed the sneeringly controversial personality of his boss which conjured overwhelming number of enemies including most of the local populace. So without wasting much time –  she slyly seized the initiative by running away from her boss ”Joavan Fernandez” and turning herself along with her husband and child to the Cebu City Police, claiming that her boss ‘Joavan” has threatened to kill her because she exposed his alleged ties to the drug-syndicates in the city. She also even accused one PDEA agent in the Talisay Police station to be one of Joavan’s drugs-protector.

The police allowed Barrido and her family to stay in the Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) safe-house providing them food and protection whilst the case against Joavan is on-going

However, just more than a week after filing the formal complaint against Joavan in the Talisay Prosecutor’s office. Gullermina Arcillas Barrido suddenly left the safe-house flipped back over to her boss Joavan Fernandez which the police suspect that she might have accepted a bribe thus putting all the investigation and efforts made by the CCPO policemen in tatters.

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According to the Cebu Provincial Police Director Sr. Supt Erson Digal who at the time was the one who strenuously ensured the importance of keeping Barrido and her family safe even to the extent of providing her food and shelter had been shocked and utterly dismayed when she suddenly switched sides at a flick of a finger.

Though in the coming years. Joavan has eventually been convicted of several criminal charges and were expected to serve the rest of his life in the penal colony. In fact, newspapers back then in 2013 portrayed him as the ”Cebu’s Public Enemy 1″ soon to possibly hail one of world’s famous dancing in-mates in the CCPDRC.

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So this past incident with Barrido and Joavan made it pretty clear that Barrido is indeed a master-opportunist apart from many other swindling allegations leveled against her by both DDS and many LP Supporters where she allegedly took their money and left without trace or even to the extent of switching sides whichever is convenient for her is a testament to her untrustworthy mentality where her statements carries no bearing whatsoever simply because she just wants to concoct stories to attack his victims and then use it to try and blackmail that person to the point that she gets a lucrative settlement offer through which she’ll immediately flip over when the opportunity arises.

(Watch the video below where she linked the Duterte family to illegal drugs and now she’s claiming that she’s been forced to sign an affidavit pinning the Duterte family to illegal drugs when in fact it was her to initially offered that information)


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