Want to arrive early? Then leave early – Panelo’s solution to Manila traffic woes

Let’s admit it. The worsening traffic conditions in Metro Manila have been an age old problem since the 90’s or for as long as I can remember since I came there around 1995 where I can still vaguely remember the bumper-to-bumper traffic, which left many buses moving only at a rate of just a few inches per minute and I remember spending hours on the bus as it crawled its way through the capital. Previous administrations have always failed in easing the traffic conditions in Metro Manila and that is a fact. Though many tried, but failed miserably.

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So when Duterte came to power and along with him is a strongman promise of fixing up criminality, corruption and of course traffic in Metro Manila. Even bragging in one of his campaign speeches that he has a foolproof plan on fixing the traffic problem and he knows what he will do if he ever gets elected. However, until now, Duterte’s foolproof plan were all but farcical. Oh, and as expected — most of his promises were gone and totally forgotten.

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In fact, until now the people of Manila continue to experience decade-old Carmageddon’s and of course the breaking down of many rail transports which was supposed to ease up the public transportation woes which plagued the city. Even worse, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan rang the alarm bells that there were not enough trains to service commuters going to work or school since Monday this week because LRT-2 lines were still unoperational because it suffered glitches, electrical problems and ultimately a fire broke in LRT-2 Anonas and Katipunan stations which caused a great deal of damage which means these stations will be out of action for more than nine-months. The same happened on Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1) was not fully operating either in the morning of October 3. Mechanical issues at the Roosevelt station meant trains were only going between the Yamaha Monumento station and Baclaran.

“The most serious situation now is the LRT 2. The repairs from the Santolan to Anonas stations will require 9 months. Today, the LRT 2 did not operate, thus affecting thousands of commuters bound for Manila,”

So right now, thousands of people commuting to and from Manila will be experiencing problems and thus requires the government to come and take a closer look to finally remedy this situation instead of focusing more on profits rather than service. However, when this issue was raised to the Office of the President — they seemed to have a different take on the issue.

Speaking to reporters in  the Malacañang Palace today.

“Metro Manila has not yet reached a supposed “mass transport crisis” for commuters could still reach their destination..” – Salvador Panelo

He insisted that there were no transport problems in Manila and in jest he reasoned ““Ano ba ang ibig sabihin nila ng transportation crisis? Ang nakikita ko lang ‘yung traffic. May transportation naman. Nakakasakay naman tayo lahat (What do they mean by transportation crisis? All I see is traffic. There is transportation. All of us can get rides),”

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He also suggested that commuters should leave ”EARLY” in order to arrive ”EARLY” in their respective destinations. Which translates to ”We don’t give a damn about the traffic situation since we don’t even commute..” Such were the grim display of arrogance by those who leads us — simply brushing off public concerns and instead squarely slam their responsibilities over the people’s shoulders whenever they mess up on sating their expectations.

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After all — we all have the right to demand for ”Change” since this government were anchored the famous tag-line ”Change is Coming” and ”Change” has since been stuck in 2016 and it seems that until now the people has to adjust to their failures and keep up with their incompentence.

Change were not exactly the kind of change that we always wanted and asked for after all

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