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Anti Bobo advocate and lawyer Larry Gadon suspended for using offensive language

There’s this strenuously arrogant lawyer who constantly blurts out inappropriate words against those he argues with or perhaps even during interviews where he desperately attempts to attract the clamor of the trolls by using  the Anti-Dilawan rhetoric and of course spreading lies and fake-news to bolster Pro Marcos propaganda. Perhaps, we can best remember him as one of the failed senatorial hopeful of the 2019 midterm election July this year, despite his promising social-media numbers and an army of keyboard warriors.

Supreme Court suspended the Bobo heckler and lawyer Gadon

In a resolution dated June 26, the Supreme Court, 2nd Division suspended Gadon for 3 months over his use of “abusive and intemperate language” towards a doctor and a fellow-lawyer and words which “lessen the confidence of the public in the Philippine judicial system.” According to the exclusive report by ABS-CBN that Gadon had an altercation with one of the dermatologist in a healthcare firm and sent that person strongly worded letter which also contained insults and of course insinuations that the justice-system can easily be corrupted given that he and the company have all the resources and they can easily bully the dermatologist so he/she appeared unproductive.

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The Supreme Court found that Gadon’s statements violated the Canon 1 of the lawyers’ Code of Professional Responsibility (CPR) which states :


Rule 1.01 – A lawyer shall not engage in unlawful, dishonest, immoral or deceitful conduct.
Rule 1.02 – A lawyer shall not counsel or abet activities aimed at defiance of the law or at lessening confidence in the legal system.

Rule 1.03 – A lawyer shall not, for any corrupt motive or interest, encourage any suit or proceeding or delay any man’s cause.

Rule 1.04 – A lawyer shall encourage his clients to avoid, end or settle a controversy if it will admit of a fair settlement.

For several times, he also used very unprofessional language and instead of abiding to the parity of reason in many of his pleaders — he opted instead to insult the opposing counsel’s legal advice  to its client. One of these instances was when he stated ”Are these people suffering from Alzheimer’s or what have you? Where do they get these gutter logic and reasoning?”. Also, here’s another statements on some of his pleadings. “This is the dumbest and the most stupid statement,” “people who have read this statement nearly died of laughing,” “the people responsible for writing this statement ought to commit suicide for being too ignorant.”

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So as you can see? These are just some of Gadon’s offensive words. But the high-court only barely scratched the surface since he is currently facing four counts of disbarment case stemming upon his emotional outburst by calling the Sereno supporters with insulting and vile names which he then flashed the iconic dirty finger.

At one time – he even called one student at the University of San Carlos ”Bobo” when he was called off in one of the public forums there attended by other senators.

Clearly, Gadon’s misbehavior as a legal professional should not be tolerated and must be punished accordingly. Otherwise, this would cheapen the legal profession into a mere mud-slinging competition of retards and cracknuts. The more stupid, arrogant and vindictive — the better. Oh, if this becomes the norm then we’re clearly heading towards the shithole.

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