JUST IN : Drunk Chinese national killed a Filipino motorist in Cagayan

In a viral post shared by the page Gising Cagayan on Facebook. It showed the unfortunate photos of the Filipino motorist bumped by what appeared to be a Starex van driven by a Chinese national. Though it is unclear where the accident took place. However, the post stated that the Chinese national were drunk during the incident which may have resulted to his incapacity to the steer the vehicle correctly resulting in the accident. It is also stated in the post that the Filipino motorist were pronounced dead on the spot.

Though this is not the first time that Chinese workers misbehaved in public as similar incidences happened all over the country. In fact, in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu where Chinese workers tried to drive in one-way streets and nearly collided with oncoming vehicles. After which they got out of their car without wearing anything showing their tattoos and shouted at the people nearby even harassing one of the Filipino security guards who accosted them.

Also, there’s the Chinese woman who threw taho over a policeman the MRT station as well as Chinese tourists digging in diapers in Boracay’s powdery white-sand beaches. Being rude and arrogant is not rooted to the Chinese culture but its with how the Chinese Communist Party portrayed the Philippines as probably a host country inhabited by meekly stupid people which whom inferior to mainland China.

Chinese workers flocked Cagayan and then took away jobs from Filipinos

It must be remembered that Cagayan has their fare share of Chinese immigrants and workers, due to the fact that there’s been several big-ticket infrastructure projects in the region, including the controversial P4. 37-billion Chico River Pump which was loaned from a China and has stipulated terms that puts many of the Philippine’s patrimonial assets at risk of Chinese control in case of a default.

Bear in mind that it is standard practice of all Chinese loans that the majority of the material, equipment and manpower should come from China and not the country where the said project will be taking place. Hence, why there are huge numbers of Chinese workers coming in from China to start working on those projects, thus depriving the local populace with the opportunity to find jobs and livelihood.

A $2-billion “Smart City” on Fuga Island will be constructed under a memorandum of understanding between the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) and the Xiamen-based Fong Zhi Enterprise Corp. (FZEC).

So you can see that China will now have their own island inside Cagayan under the control of a Chinese company which puts serious national security risk owing the fact that this island is located in the Strait of Luzon adjacent to a hub for the Philippines’ underwater communications cables. Thus, should China ever control this island than most of our voice and data communications can now easily be accessed by Chinese spies.

Even the Philippine Navy agrees to this assessment and calls for the local government in Cagayan to call off such very strategically disadvantageous project of selling of those islands to Chinese control as that will endanger our national security as well as take away our control over the Strait of Luzon in the event of conflict between the Philippines vs China.

It seems as much as many protested on this worrying development. Our government controlled by Duterte appointees and allies — could not resist to the temptations of risky Chinese investments even if the best interest of the Filipino people is on the line. Anyhow? They could still get elected anyway and the people loved being fooled around.


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