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Duterte is very hygienic says Panelo but the cockroaches and flies disagrees

After Duterte’s recent social-media bashing in Russian social-media sites because of his appalling dishevelled and unkempt appearance in one of his formal state visits in Russia in front of the Russian Prime Minister. The Presidential spokesman immediately stepped in to defend his boss by stating that “The president is very hygienic. His body emits a refreshing scent as observed by people who meet up close to him”

However, as much as I’d wished to believed Panelo’s usual lies on Duterte’s truly hygienic nature — many events which transpired in the past which completely belies this statement. Thus, I’d wager this to be just some desperate nicklewashing of Duterte’s poor reception of the Russian people.

Nevertheless, he continues on with his state-visit posing and tagging along with him was expired celebrities, ignorant cabinet members and of course crocodile lawmakers which I may be worried would have unceremoniously used the people’s taxpayer money to fund the said travels. Oh to such extent? Who cares? The people love being plundered, fooled and perhaps even butchered by masked men — oh many fanatical Dutertards loves this orgasmic feeling of being oppressed at the expense of others who don’t share the same Kool Aid poison that they have.

The flies, geckos and cockroach disagree with Duterte being hygienic

Now, there’s been three species of animals. Just so you don’t confuse yourself that these were actual animals and not the ones you normally see in the Congress, Supreme Court or in Malacañang.

So these three animals. Namely, a cockroach, a gecko and a fly — both shared the same wonderful acquaintance with the President and I’m sure you’re pretty aware of this as shown by the media several times in his speeches. Allow me to enumerate these instances.

  1. The flies disagrees with a ”hygienic” Duterte – Of course the flies. Those pesky bastards who loves to hang-out near decaying and fecal matter. Of course, you could even see them near garbages or anything appearing to be very ”unhygienic” to human standards were actually seen flying near  Duterte as he makes his speech July of this year.
  2. The cockroaches disagree with a ”hygienic” Duterte – Next honorable mention were the cockroaches. The best scream-maker to every homeowner who happens to encounter them in their kitchen or bathroom. Were in-fact, just like the ”fly” were also one of the dirtiest insects known to man who carries lots and lots of germs and diseases and loves to hangout with decaying and pretty much every unhygienic matter. This is the same insect who actually enjoyed crawling around Duterte during his speech May of this year.
  3. The geckos agrees that Duterte is “unhygienic” – Just recently during Duterte’s speech mocking human-rights advocates. A gecko chirped multiple times designating that Duterte is intruding his territory and most probably finds him pretty unhygienic.

So, given these three witnesses. I would highly doubt Panelo’s statements. I’m pretty sure he can do better if he can just packin use his brain. 😛


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