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PCOO official who made fun on deaf people will be re-appointed again to high-salary grade position

The former dancer who used to frequent Bilibid to entertain the inmates there and now dubbed by netizens as the Queen of Fake News were re-appointed again back to a government position after which she has resigned from PCOO due to the huge backslash on their controversial video ”Pepe Dede Ralismo” with notorious vitriol swine vlogger Drew Olivar whose videos been laced with atrocious lewd and inappropriate language mostly directed against the opposition.

The video received mostly negative reactions from the netizens and even to the deaf and mute community whom were outraged and insulted with how Drew Olivar and Mocha Uson made fun on their sign language in a very inappropriate manner. In fact, such theatrics were also poorly received by Duterte’s allies in the Senate which led to the current Nobel Fish Prize awardee Senator Tito Sotto to tweet ”Theatrical techniques will not work to explain a very serious and high falluting issue such as Federalism!”

The Philippine Federation of the Deaf filed complaints against Mocha Uson in the Ombudsman

A community of persons with disabilities were utterly shocked and insulted by Mocha Uson and Drew Olivar’s video that prompted them to file a legal complaint against Mocha Uson in the Office of the Ombudsman. Although, it is unclear whether the complaint have really been received or processed respectively. However, at the same moment – the Commission on Human Rights issued a preliminary investigation on the matter.

It seems that in order to escape further humiliation. Mocha Uson filed her resignation 3 days after the Ombudsman requested her to comment on the complaint. Though she issued a haft-hearted public apology, but the damage has been done. In fact, she should not be allowed to hold any high-profile government position anymore. However, it showed that she’s been re-appointed again as Deputy Executive Director V of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), which obviously meant that she will yet again enjoy huge salary disparity over her more credible sub-ordinates and of course, notwithstanding previous glaring offenses which could have totally dismissed her through the Ombudsman if she did not file her resignation after the 10 day deadline.

This is Mocha Uson third re-appointment under the Duterte regime. She had also previously violated Malacañang regulations on appearing in casinos when she performed at a casino as part of her group, Mocha Girls, even while she was an assistant secretary

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