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Chinese Coast Guard deliberately blocked PH supply ships to starve Filipino navy men in Ayungin

Despite Duterte’s extremely fanatical ties to China’s Xi Jin Ping to the extent that he is willing to surrender Philippine victory in the arbitration court and allow China to own the West Philippine Sea in exchange of joint oil-drilling contracts which is expected to fill in Duterte’s close cronies with billions worth of kickbacks.  Still, the treatment stayed the same. China has no respect to Filipinos.

In fact, according to detailed report from Department of National Defense to Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate, who earlier requested for a report on the Philippine military’s modernization plans as well as Chinese incursions in Philippine waters. This is very alarming indeed. It only meant that Duterte’s appeasement strategy is actually not working and China’s brazen atrocities such as what happened  ramming a stationary Filipino fishing boat and leaving its crew stranded at the mercy of the high seas is just mind bogglingly unforgivable. However, Philippine authorities uses all its influence and political might even as far as harassing the survivors with full-battle gear policemen in order for them to renege their statements in favor of China.

Chinese Coast Guard ship with bow number 3305 blocked PH supply ship to deliberately starve Filipino navy-men in Ayungin last May 14, 2019

Though it was not clear as of yet if the vessel wer eable to reach the grounded rusting ship BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal. However, it seems that the DND report did not categorically stated the status of the re-supply mission thus may meant that the supplies did not arrive to their destination after the Chinese incursion.

I understand that many of you would point out that this was not new as this has happened in 2014 when Chinese ships blocked Filipino supply ships to reach Ayungin Shoal. However, the brave men aboard those ships skillfully steered their vessels around and narrowedly collided with the Chinese Coast Guard ships in the region.

Please do consider that this was at the time where China still holds its purportedly historical-rights over these seas and thus needed to be debunked in the proper forum even if UNCLOS were perfectly clear about the nautical range of our exclusive economic zone which China intentionally violated and even shamelessly built artificial island within it.

Duterte’s appeasement strategy is an abject failure — China still disregard Philippine rights over WPS and worst even continues to disrespect our sailors

Now the Philippine government should know better. China is never willing to compromise and would do everything in its power to subdue and humiliate the Philippines as it wresteled control over vital shipping lanes in the South China Sea whilst putting more than 80% of our economic zones under deadly stranglehold which continues to have negative effects to our national economy.

Nevertheless, the incumbent regime just as what Arroyo did during her Presidency was to try and use Chinese influence to further their political endeavors and quash any means of dissent including the attacks being made against the opposition. It also means that China has all the money that Duterte and his allies wants and they are much willing to negotiate and give them huge kickbacks as China don’t have bureacratic systems which questions how and where the money will be spent anyways.

The dismal conditions in the BRP Sierra Madre was featured in New York Times article below.

China must respect Philippine re-supply missions to BRP Sierrra Madre as this is a hostile act which endangers the safety of our men in uniform and grave disrespect to our dignity as a nation.

How long are we going to accept this treatment?


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