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As UP plans to teach Martial Law as a subject, Marcos wants to include their side such as Torture 101 and Plunder Tactics?

The University of the Philippines in Diliman wants to include “Philippine Studies 21: Wika, Panitikan, at Kultura sa Ilalim ng Batas Militar” as a three-unit subject. This has been approved by the university council, a policy-making body composed of regular faculty members of the academic institution. So expect that this will be rolled out pretty soon.

Imee Marcos hopes that UP includes their side in Martial Law subject – which is?

When Imee Marcos reaction was sough by the media. She immediately responded by saying that the UP academe should ensure that they will include their side during the Martial Law — which I think might include one of their best and well-known exploits of the time such as

  1. Torture 101 (How to torture people)
  2. Crony for Dummies (Advanced Economic Strategy for Dictators)
  3. Advanced Plunder Tactics (How to get away with plunder)
  4. Political Dynasty Manual (How to keep yourself in power)
  5. Debt Dependent Economic Policy

So that should pretty much it. I think this is exactly what Imee Marcos wants UP to include in the subject, owing the fact that these were the only notable topics that can be inferred as Marcos most powerful contribution in the ultimate oppression of its people. He did well succeeded in stealing billions of taxpayer money from the nation’s coffers and stole it away from banks overseas putting him second most corrupt dictators in modern history.

My point is, there’s no really positive reason to include Marcos side in Martial Law subject since there won’t be any educational benefit learning from the Marcoses crooked and twisted ways of running the country during  the Martial Law years. You see, this is by far the greatest political ironies in Philippine politics. Here we have the daughter of a deposed dictator holding one of the highest offices of the land. And yet now we teach students the atrocities of this same clan who plundered our coffers for decades and subjected the Filipino people to unnecessary suffering with Marcos loans yet to be fully paid until 2025.

I have faith we can all begin to realize the folly that we’ve become by electing the Marcoses back to power and maybe in time — by making sure that the Marcoses lose their political influence means the complete reconcilation of historical facts from political reality. Because there’s really no point teaching about Martial Law and how the people voraciously resisted and deposed the Marcos when when at the present time –  this the same family continues to inched ever closer in reclaiming Malacañang.

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