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As the Philippine government gives China access to our telecommunications grid – It is time to protect yourself!

It seems that  China’s long-term plan was to control and gradually overwhelm our national defenses so we can be easy prey for a creeping invasion. In fact, the massive numbers of illegal Chinese immigrants coming in to our country competing with local jobs will surely puts us all to question what they’re up to. Worst, we’ve just heard that the AFP will give Chinese backed telco access to military facilities and bases.

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What does this mean? This would mean a lot.

If China gets to control much of our telco grid albeit ther telcos were planning on acquiring 5G technology from China then surely we can be in a very significant disadvantage as all our Facebook messages, browsing habits, files and emails can now be intercepted by Chinese spies since it is by law that Chinese companies must surrender private user data of their customers when required by Chinese intelligence authorities. Your private data may even be used for commercial purposes through targeted ads or even your own private photos be used by unscrupulous Chinese companies without you even knowing.

Some people were asking – what if I opted not to sign up for Mislatel’s Chine backed Internet service? Am I free from Chinese spying? The answer is ”NO”.

According to internal inventories of hardware equipment of both ISP’s. It appears that 80% of Globe and PLDT’s networks use Huawei equipment — theoritically, they should be more than able to spy on you at any moment than today. So you really are not safe with your existing Internet service provider.

So I must advise that you use a powerful Internet-privacy tool that will prevent Chinese interference over your data. Here’s how it works.

First of all, a good Internet privacy tool protects your browsing session by encrypting it. It also, masks your entire IP Address so you’ll appear to be originating from another location rather than your actual address. So it makes very difficult for hackers to acquire your information even Chinese spies who has access to our telco grid won’t be able to track you down.

This is the same software that was made illegal in China because of its ability to hide and mask Internet usage which makes it difficult for Chinese authorities to censor Internet traffic.

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The best protection against state-sponsored hackers and criminals from accessing your browsing session and intercepting your access credentials as well as your private messages and emails would be through the use of an effective Internet privacy software. I suggest that you download the one that I’m using which is ”Ivacy’ (your free to download any software you want).  What I like about Ivacy is tt works on your computer and on your smartphone so it keeps you protected wherever you go. It was also highly recommended by big tech companies.

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