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Duterte allied Gordon bullies Leila De Lima to exonerate Duterte’s beloved Faeldon

As the Senate circus continues to air its grotesque display of dumbfuckery presided by the Philippines best and brightest Duterte controlled Senators most notably Senator Dick Gordon as his name literally means being one of the biggest dick in the legislative history. Why is the case?

Well for starters, he is the same ”Dick” who let Faeldon go upon the 6.4 B illegal drug shipment from China despite the fact Faeldon knows the whereabouts of the drug shipment apart from his closeness to the Duterte family whom were previously accused by a Bureau of Customs whistleblower as the brains behind the illegal drug shipment and of course him being the highest official of the Bureau of Customs. Eventually as the case drags on and on – he was eventually set free only to be reinstated again later to replace Bato De La Rosa in the Bureau of Corrections.

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And now the public outrage reverberates in the halls of our government as thousands expressed their grave dismay and shock that former Caluan Mayor Antonio Sanchez who ravaged a UPLB student and had her gangbanged by his men then brutally murdered thereafter will soon be freed under the wrong interpretation of GCTA Law.

Faeldon was seen as the man behind the pending release of Antonio Sanchez since he himself was the one who signed the release order. In fact, though he reasoned that this was not the final release order but this was the same release order which eventually allowed three big-time Chinese drug lords to be released from the National Peninteriary.

So who was behind Faeldon anyway? According to him — he was just doing his job?

Despite the glaring incompentence and corruption in the Bureau of Corrections under Faeldon. The incumbent President who apppointed him do not wished to punish or castigate him for his actions. Though he resigned willfully but that doesn’t justify Malacañang’s words of praise and understanding to the man who allowed many convicted criminals including big-time Chinese drug lords free yet uttered words of butchery for alleged small-time illegal drug pushers. This is a complete irony on Duterte’s brutal war on drugs yet for the second time Faeldon was again exonerated and allowed move on with his life. Possibly, even acquiring a significant amount of wealth from the freed drug-lords during his stint in the Bureau of Customs.

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Gordon now focuses the GCTA hearing to castigate De Lima instead of Faeldon

When the Senate excitedly announced to open a probe on BuCor’s attempted release of Mayor Antonio Sanchez. It was a welcoming breath of confidence. Finally, Faeldon will be pinned down and made to answer very significant million dollar question.

”..Who are you working for Faeldon..”??

However, the case just went cold under Faeldon as Gordon and his Duterte controlled colleagues attempts to redirect their sights on the only absent woman Senator in the Senate.

Yes, that’s Leila De Lima.

In a very short commentary published by in her article from Inquirer regarding the Ragos-Ablen testimony in the NBP.

Ragos was OIC (appointed by De Lima) of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) from “the last week of November 2012 to the second week of February 2013” (his words)—a stint of 2 months and 3 weeks. He was deputy director of the NBI. Question: Why choose him as a witness for the corruption at the BuCor, when he was there for such a short period? Maybe because he had been assigned by De Lima to “study the criminality happening inside the maximum.”

But wait — Ragos was also one of the accusers against De Lima in the framed-up drug case against her insinuating that she was receiving drug-money to be used for her campaign funds which until now were completely unverified and no paper-trail or bank documentations to prove it as such. So with that information alone. It means that Ragos was again used to castigate the lady Senator once again. And the Duterte controlled Senate used him to redirect public outrage on Faeldon to De Lima.

This is absolutely pointless. The large number of freed convicts and the brazen disrespect of the law was done during the stint of Bato De La Rosa and now Faeldon in BuCor and not during Leila De Lima’s time. Why are we talking about someone’s term almost 4 to 5 years back when the case were supposedly opened to probe Faeldon’s misbehaviour in BuCor.

Fine, I understand that BuCor was a corrupt institution but that necessarly mean that the Congress isn’t anyways. The point is that instead of yapping around the cause of the cause is to go and look to the present and see that the main reason why this probe had been opened in the first place was because of Faeldon’s glaring mistakes or shameless corruption in BuCor.

There’s no point going back in time to use the current BuCor controversy to target De Lima or Mar Roxas or even the former President Aquino.

Time to force Faeldon to answer the million-dollar question.


Lastly, if Gordon and his team of vitriol troll-minded colleagues in the Senate wants to bully the good Senator De Lima down.

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Why not let her attend the Senate hearings and be allowed to answer your malicious accusations? You want publicly malign her yet refuse to allow her a chance to defend and answer back?


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