Panelo suggests that military helicopters be used as ambulances to evade traffic

The worsening traffic condition in Metro Manila and its sorrounding thoroughfares have become a daily nightmare to every commuter. In fact,  as the Presidential elections last 2016 draws closer. Duterte’s first ever speech in the crowd of supporters in Manila was an easy fix to the traffic jams which plagued the city for years. In his speech, he elaborately bragged about his supposed proven strategies to ease and fix Metro Manila traffic jams if ever he wins the Presidency.

But after winning the Presidency and more than 3 years after holding power. Duterte has yet to fulfill his promises even so his supposed strategies in solving Metro Manila traffic.

Just days ago, a media report published by ABS-CBN revelead that special lanes for emergency vehicles are not enforced, the infrastructure is outdated, and local drivers are often unwilling or unable to make way — a situation experts say is causing patients to die en route.

“You feel empty. It is as if you were not given a chance to do everything in your capacity to help,” ambulance driver and paramedic Joseph Laylo

Even with an encyclopedic knowledge of short cuts or aggressive driving such as blasting their horns or bumping unyielding vehicles, it is not always enough to arrive in time.  Driver Adriel Aragon is still haunted after losing a critically ill patient when it took 40 minutes to reach the hospital — the journey should have taken half that time.

“No matter how hard we honk, even if we use our siren, if the vehicles are not moving it doesn’t matter,”

This is a wake-up call that Duterte should do everything in his power to try and remedy the traffic situation in Metro Manila which could endanger the lives of many. However, instead of promising to look in to the problem and implement solutions to fix it once and for all. Duterte’s presidential spokesman instead suggested that military assets of the Philippine Air Force be used to carry the patient to the hospital which is pretty absurd since :

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1. Not all hospitals have facilities to land a helicopter worst even a well-armed military helicopter from the Air Force

2. The Air Force would not be able to accommodate all the transfer requests due to limited manpower and supply

3. Still, this doesn’t fix the problem which is the nightmarish traffic jams in Metro Manila

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As much as I sympathize with the people who needs immediate medical help. But using our military assets just isn’t the most sustainable way of transporting them. So I think instead of yapping around and skirting around the problem. The Duterte administration should start looking for solutions and starting fixing it just as he bragged last December of 2015 prior to the elections.

Going along Panelo’s line of reasong – I’m not quite sure why this suddenly came up on his mind — but I can never be too surprised anymore since most if not all of Duterte’s close associates and allies appeared to be so cracked that I begin to wonder what sort of stuff these people are taking?

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