Too bad for Marcos, Leni won even more votes after the recount

It appears that the years long recount of the Vice Presidential race has so far concluded and now it appears that Leni Robredo clearly won with significant margins against the petitioner Bongbong Marcos.

“Without preempting the resolution of the Honorable Tribunal, the result of the revision, recount, and re-appreciation of the ballots clearly confirms the victory of protest Robredo. Wherefore, it is respectfully prayed to the Honorable Tribunal to immediately resolve all pending incidents after the revision and recount of the ballots from 3 pilot provinces” – Robredo’s motion filed to the PET

The official count from the 2016 results showed Robredo with 263,473 lead over Marcos.

Based on recount from pilot provinces Camarines Sur, Negros Oriental, and Iloilo, the Robredo camp is claiming that the lead has become 279, 215 or an increase of around 15,000 votes.

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So in essence – should PET just stick to its recount results other than three provinces which Marcos incessantly required the recount the most then its perfectly clear that Robredo clearly beaten him.

However, we have to tread lightly as Supreme Court PET now controlled by Duterte appointees refuses to back down and quash Marcos recount petition despite the glaring numbers.

Until then, we will await the final outcome. Make no mistake that should Marcos twist the laws and cheats his way out of this again, then our country will surely have a grim future ahead — again.


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