Filipino actor who wished the death of all Duterte critics has his sister arrested because of drugs

I’m sure you’d recognize Philip Salvador who angrily barked out vindictives and even wished the death of all Duterte’s critics during Rodrigo Duterte’s most recent state of the nation address. (Watch video below)


According to the police-report. His sister has been arrested and indicted on drug-charges after the police recovered seven sachets of suspected shabu with an estimated value of P6, 800, drug paraphernalia, and the buy-bust money in her condominium unit.

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Her brother – the famous action star now ”laos” Philip Salvador has been seen brushing elbows with the Duterte elite and adopted Duterte’s brand of barking vindictives to media-men to stir the public and gain popular support not only from Duterte himself but also many of his supporters. But as the saying goes ”birds with the same feather flocks together”. And here he is dining with Duterte and his trusted associates.

I’m sure from the moment Philip’s sister languish a bit in her cold-prison cell. All that Philip could do is simply dial Duterte’s number and his sister will instantly be off the hook. As it has always been the norms.

His sister will face charges in violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

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