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Duterte freed 4 Big time Chinese Drug Lords whilst butchering innocent Filipinos under Tokhang

In a statement released by Sen. Panfilo Lacson. He revealed that four Chinese drugs-lords whom were incarcerated in Building 14, Maximum Security Compound Muntinlupa have been freed from what appeared to be an abuse of discretion utilizing the GCTA law by BuCor officials.

Lacson also said he asked for a list of those released on August 20, which supposedly includes convicted rapist and murderer Antonio Sanchez, former mayor of Calauan, Laguna, however such list was allegedly missing.

So it seems something isn’t right here. Because after controversy spawned by Sanchez impending release and Duterte allies backpedalling to try re-angle the situation by stating that they never really intended for Sanchez to go out despite the fact that the Sanchez family claimed that he was already set for releae in August 20 along with the Chinese Drug Lords.

Bureau of Corrections Documentations Officer killed to destroy Sanchez release order

After Duterte’s press release that he made sure that Sanchez won’t be going out contrary to the Sanchez family claims that he was already set for release in August 20. One of the key officials who prepared the documents and even perhaps signed them to approve the release of Sanchez have been gunned down by unidentified men. And you know that this act was pretty Dutertistique — wherein silencing opponents and possible whistle-blowers from leaking out information.

True enough. After the documentations officers was gunned down. The said release order for Sanchez suddenly went missing as well.

Lacson confirmed that the following big-time Chinese drug-lords were freed by Duterte : Chan Chit Yue, Kin San Ho, Ching Che, Wu Hing Sum.

The ever increasing instances of releasing high-profile in-mates seem pretty sketchy owing the fact that even Sanchez a convicted murderer and rapist having committed heinous crimes should not be allowed to benefit from GCTA but still BuCor officials attempted to whitewash this parameter by giving him special inclusivity to the law.

Unless our legislators will review and ensure that there will no longer be further abuse on the GCTA law then we can be sure that only those who have committed petty crimes and have done good during their reformation in the national penentiary must be allowed to leave.

Bodies of EJK’d Filipino’s piled up whilst setting free Chinese Drug Lords

Image result for ejk children crying

And so it seems the greatest irony of the Duterte admnistration is its ‘doublespeak’ propaganda of eradicating drugs yet completely inept in stopping the entry of Chinese made drugs to the country and even as much as completely incapable of investigating the said source of more than 6.4 Billion pesos worth of Shabu which entered the country and a said Customs officer implicated his own son Paolo Duterte to the said illegal transaction.

One can only wonder if Duterte’s said death-squads were only trying to create an environment of fear so they can continue their illegal drug-transactions unhindered from public scrutiny as it would naturally be counter-intuitive that a government who has appeared to be leading the thrust against illegal drugs would turned out to be the one of its greatest protectors?

Oh we know — that Duterte owed his Chinese masters big time and that he would do everything to please them even as far as selling our own territories and islands for their benefit and of course notwithstanding its grave consequence to the national-integrity of our nation.

Until the Filipinos will learn to stand up from this massive Duterterioration or let it continue to push our country towards the edge of a full-blown authoritarianism under clutches of Chinese Communism. It’s all up to us.

Image result for ejk children crying

Credits : Inquirer / Google for the Chinese gangster photo
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