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Duterte allied lawmaker wants to give Duterte the power to choose the next President

Quezon City 2nd District Representative Precious Hipolito Castelo a known Duterte ally and member of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago filed a bill in the House Representatives which seeks to empower the President to appoint a “designated survivor” in case the Chief Executive and all 3 officials in the line of succession die or are unfit to lead the country.

Here’s the full text of House Bill 4062.

So this bill would enable the President to choose the next President of the country should in the event that he and the other people in the line of succession perished in a terrorist attack or invasion which was a similar practice during the Cold War era in the United States.

But what does this power entail? Will this really help secure the line of succession for the Presidency? or may even be used by opportunistic parties and exploit this to their advantage. Remember that Philippine politics are vile and filled with treacherous lawmakers willing to bend and twist the laws in order to serve their selfish interests and or keep them in and their families in power regardless if this would hurt a lot of people or threaten national security.

However, in reality — I don’t see this to be a somewhat a necessity as the legislators would better pour their energy and time on bills that actually matters. Most of it all is the paramount concern of national security wherein thousands of illegal Chinese workers flocked to the country stealing our jobs, does not pay taxes and even worst committing crimes.

I’m pretty sure – just because someone watched some popular Netflix series – doesn’t really mean we have to actually try and do the same thing. For the record, the United States of America have always been targeted with numerous ”external” threats from powerful enemies abroad so its really important that they’re one step ahead of their enemies.

In contrast, the Philippines has only one existing enemy and that one is just right in our front-yard. China. The only country who forcibly took our own seas and harass our own fishermen so they can steal our own food. The brazen acts of destroying our critical coral reef systems in search of giant clams to lucratively profit from.

Worst of it all. The inept response of our government regarding these atrocities looking the other way not knowing the widespread and long-term damage this would cause to our environment and national integrity.

Lastly, the more important matters of national significance is on resolving the economic crisis affecting many of the Filipinos today. The contractualization which allowed big companies to run slave mills benefiting from cheap labor whilst contributing absolutely nothing in the upliftment of the poor. Next is the measly minimum wage, which has since been greatly outdated and absolutely worthless when accounted on existing inflation rates and prices of goods.

These things are of paramount concern. We don’t ne lawmakers wanting to change the name of fish (‘Lapu-lapu’) or yet even talk about punishing people who removes condoms during intercourse much less even drafting a law out from a popular Netfllix series? Talk about P R I O R I T I ES!?

Sigh. Has Philippine lawmaking totally been cheapened and reduce to a job for clowns nowadays?

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