Rapist and murderer Sanchez was already due for release even before Bato’s comment to give him second chance

PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa in a press conference at Camp Crame on Tueaday, December 12, 2017. The chief PNP says he will be transferred when he retires next year. Photo by DARREN LANGIT

When news started leaking out regarding the possibility that the former-mayor Antonio Sanchez were due for release under the GCTA law — people vehemently opposed this and soon many started sharing and sharing their thoughts in the comment sections and message boards all across the inter-webs.  In fact, there are several women’s rights groups who even stood up and marched in front of the Department of Justice to express their disgust in the government’s plan to release the convicted rapist and murderer Antonio Sanchez

What made the public firestorm even worst is Bato De la Rosa’s comments expressing his support of releasing Sanchez for his unfinished jail term under the GCTA law. According to Bato in a news interview with ABS-CBN News dated August 21, 2019. He said that Sanchez deserves a second-chance and then retorted that Sanchez is already a changed-man. However, despite his statements — many don’t agree with him even people supportive of the incumbent administration and who also voted for him last May.

I published a graphical presentation of Bato’s non-chalant comments on EJK’d innocent children as ”shit happens” and whilst passionately expressing concern of a convicted murderer and rapist notwithstanding the sheer monstrosity of his crimes. And soon after – the public firstorm went full swing and many were even more concerned regarding this and those who hasn’t heard about the crime — learned the exact timeline of events and the dastardly details of the atrocities on that evening of June 28, 1993.

Duterte did NOT blocked Sanchez release — Sanchez was already approved for release by BuCor officials prior to its announcement to the public

As the burning embers of growing public outrage sparks even further. Duterte allies, including Bato de la Rosa started paddling back to renege his previous comments and quell many of his followers questions whom were very supportive of the incumbent administration core policies of ”discipline” and ”death penalty” for criminals.

Should Sanchez be released, then it would constitute to a convoluted double-standard decision contradicting the core thrust of the incumbent regime in its fight against criminality which was the essence of its campaign promise as far back in 2016 and ushered an age of brutal anti-criminality policies. And even putting their partisan existence into question.

So as expected, Palace officials claime that Duterte blocked Sanchez release. Even the DOJ who were the first few people who announced that Sanchez could benefit the GCTA law now says he was actually no ”eligible” for it singing along with them is the now BuCor Chief Faeldon who confirms that Sanchez won’t be going out.

Unfortunately, the family of former mayor Antonio Sanchez called them out and confirmed that Sanchez was already slated to be freed under the GCTA law and that BuCor officials even congratulated them regarding his release.

The truth now unfolds that the Duterte administration really intended the convicted rapist and murderer Antonion Sanchez for release, but unfortunately — public outrage were far too intense than expected, especially in social-media which shook the propaganda-dependent administration to step back and clean up the mess. After all — it’s always about keeping Duterte’s ”punisher” image intact and his seemingly soaring satisfaction ratings.

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