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Newly elected clown Bong Go criticized Lagman’s face after being questioned on his epal Malasakit centers

In Bong Go’s first ever privilege speech in the Senate during the plenary session held today slammed Congressman Lagman for calling his pet project ‘Malasakit Center’ as merely being used as a partisan tool by poking fun on Congressman Lagman’s face and calling it beyond repair even he tried to avail any of his Malasakit Center services.

“Walarin pong legal basis ang pagtulong ng pag-repair sainyongmukha.  At paprangkahin ko na rin po kayo, your image is beyond repair. Hindi ikakaayos ng mukha ‘nyo ang pagkontra ninyo sa interes ng mga Pilipino,” – Bong Go

The Malasakit Centers of Bong GO were supposedly one-stop shop for the governments medical services by giving away cards and other paraphernalias showing Bong Go’s image alongside the President as conditioning propaganda tool for his bid for the Senate. If you can remember back then? Bong Go’s politicking of Malasakit Centers to gain significant unfair advantage against his opponents yielded him greater number of votes.

PHOTO : Photo of Bong Go along with the President in one of his Malasakit Centers – Bear in mind he is using government taxes to fund this scheme whilst boosting his public image at the expense of the people.

Here’s another one from UP PGH

And this

Then also the issuance of health-cards bearing his face and the President as a propaganda tool to bolster his bid for the Senate

Here’s what netizens thinks about it

Bong Go’s tarpaulins, banners installed in almost ever public hospitals with a Malasakit Center. It seems that such service was made premium for people with political patronage and loyal to him — people who would cast  a vote just for him instead of it being a right regardless of the person’s political views.

PCSO now controlled by a former police Chief and butcherer of innocent civilians in Cebu have been funding Bong Go’s Malasakit Centers

Image result for Royina Garma

It has also been revealed the PCSO has since been funded Bong Go’s personal propaganda project Malasakit Center even without proper legislative authorization and absolutely lacking legal basis. Worse, there’s been so many patients complaining about Bong Go’s one-stop shop medical service where they’ve been simply passed from one hospital to another further delaying their availment for medical support.

The idea of having a one-stop shop medical service provider and yet patients were being asked to go from this department to another doesn’t really make things convenient for them but just added another layer of  unnecessary run around for the patients.

Bong Go feeling gwapo?

Bong Go’s recent below-the-belt tirade against another official of the Congress only shows the depth of his breeding and intellectual capability. Instead of expressing reason and engaging his opponent through issue-based rhetorics. The former Presidential assistant now newly elected clown in the Senate proceeded to slander his enemy simply because he could not outmatch his reasoning and intellectual Lagman’s intellectual prowess.

Bong Go is one of the latest additions in the Senate’s group of useless stooges in Philippine legislative history along with Pacquiao, Sotto, Revilla etc

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