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Feeling doctor Persida Acosta sued for doctoring purchase orders to steal taxpayer funds

According to a report published by INQUIRER that notorious psuedo-vaccine expert Persida Acosta have all been using all the anti Dengvaxia rhetoric to funnel funds out of the government coffers to her pockets.

In a statement submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman, a copy of which was obtained by the Inquirer, the lawyers — PAO employees with Salary Grade 26 and higher — claimed that Acosta and her allies in the financial and management service had a “systematic scheme” for defrauding the government by doctoring purchase orders to make agency funds available to Acosta.

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“Despite the pendency of the instant complaint filed by complainant Garrido, respondents Acosta and Erfe, through their cohorts in Financial Planning and Management Service, have a systematic scheme in covering traces of their capricious, illegal and corrupt practices especially relating to the disbursements and allocation of the PAO budget,” –– PAO Lawyers

Previously in 2018 at the height of the Dengvaxia controversy, a lawyer Wilfredo Garrido Jr of Persida Acosta suspension due to her unauthorized creation of creation of the PAO’s forensic laboratory which was not approved through legislation. Because of this, Garrido accused Acosta and Erfe of having committed graft, falsification of public documents, malversation of public funds, illegal use of public funds or property, as well as grave misconduct, serious dishonesty, grave abuse of authority and conduct projudicial to the best interest of public service.

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“Apart from misusing public funds to create an office without authority, respondents’ propensity to manufacture evidence in an office under their direct control is indicative of bias, persecution, malice and downright dishonesty” — Atty. Wilfredo Garrido Jr

Now, a group of PAO lawyers now re-affirms Atty Wilfredo Garrido’s motion for Acosta’s suspension by laying bare the said fradualent doctoring of purchase orders to funnel funds out from the agency towards the Acosta’s own private purse. This coincides perfectly with COA’s recent findings that PAO has more than P13.1 million in excess office supplies. How many millions went to Acosta and her sidekick Dr Erfe?

According to the audit report, PAO cited the Dengvaxia cases as justification for overstocking of supplies.

“Respondent Acosta has ordered her cohorts to edit, revise and antedate PAO’s purchase requests, purchase orders, procurement forms, memoranda, and other documentation in order to make it seem legitimate and to justify the diversion of the PAO’s budget to the Dengvaxia victims” — PAO Lawyers complaint reads

We can now fully understand her constant fear-mongering and attacks against Dengvaxia even beyond reason and even contradicting International medical experts in order to justify its vindication were all just a front for her true wicked interest to steal public funds to enrich herself. Though politicians have all done this for their own benefits such as infrastracture projects laced with huge kickbacks and outlays. However, Acosta’s glaring atrocities were even worst.

Just imagine that there’s currently hundreds of Dengue related deaths and along with it thousands more due to anti-vaccine anxiety brought about by her constant fear-mongering in social-media and interviews. Not to mention the recently bared details of bribing parents to sue the government and make dramatic acts to stir public anger towards the vaccine.

I believe Acosta and her cohorts should not only be charged with corruption and plunder, but also be charged with manslaughter for willfully stoking anti-vaccine rhetorics causing the loss of hundreds of lives.

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