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Satellite data shows Chinese vessels were not fishing but waiting for their next Filipino victims

A video data published by AMTI (Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative) show that many of the commercial fishing vessels in the West Philippine Sea were actually not fishing but were just silently monitoring Philippine presence in the area. The worst part is that they are not broadcasting signals to prevent collisions and most likely whenever given the opportunity would ram on unsuspecting vessels which was what happened to the crew of MV Gem Ver.

We can now connect the dots that many of the supposed Chinese fishing vessels were actually not purely of commercial origin, but were supported by a military and naval contingent. And also their presence might have been for intelligence purposes or even to continually bully Filipino fishermen. This doesn’t bode well for the Philippine national security — more reasons for the government to be more concerned about these developments.

Last June 9th barely days before the celebration of the Philippine independence. A Chinese vessel intentionally rammed a stationary Filipino fishing vessel and left them to drown in the middle of the cold ocean. Fortunately, for them, they’ve been able to hold on floating debris of the ship as well as a nearby Vietnamese vessel were spotted which shortly came to their rescue.

If the Duterte administration continues to firmly kneel before Xi Jin Ping at the expense of the people’s best interest, then surely we are dangerously putting our country under China’s evil grasp. Perhaps, many of our territories may ultimately be surrendered to China in case of a default on Duterte’s ambitious high-interest infrastructure loans which will surely put a strain on the taxpayers.

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