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[VIDEO] Chinese tourist buried used diapers on Boracay’s iconic beachfronts

Mainland Chinese tourists have all been notorious of misbehaving in hotels and resorts anywhere in the world. For reasons that we really aren’t so sure of but perhaps one thing is certain — these Chinese citizens were indoctrinated in the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda that China is the best and one of the most powerful country in the world so they could pretty much do whatever they want.

If you could remember the ‘taho throwing’ incident where a Chinese lady brazenly threw taho on an on-duty policeman. Surprisingly, the said policeman was obviously holding himself in. I wondered what would have been his reaction if it was a Filipino citizen who did it? We know for a fact that since Duterte’s supposed warmer ties with China so does his fanatical supporters and trolls. In fact, whenever a Chinese citizen really doesn’t get much attention and most of the time the government were timid and non-chalantly dismissive or worst even desperately attempting to pull up a quick justification to save the Chinese citizen from further bashing and also to shield themselves from public heat.

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Diapers with human waste buried in Boracay beachfront

According to a video shared on Facebook. The said incident happened in Boracay Station 2. As of the time of writing – DENR is already reviewing the said video to pinpoint the tourists who buried the said diapers Borcay’s iconic white beachfront.

Like I said, Chinese tourists were notorious for being pushy, loud, impolite, unruly when travelling abroad. In fact, South China Sea Morning Post has compiled a list of notable misbehaving Chinese tourists. Every host country they visit would instantly these kind of attitude.

Here’s the link from SCMP

According to a poll by the Public Opinion Programme of the University of Hong Kong recently found that the number of Hongkongers holding negative feelings towards Beijing and mainland Chinese is up by about 40 per cent. The said data may have even been worse now at the height of the controversial extradition bill, which China’s been trying to force down the Hongkongers throat.

Wouldn’t it also be ironic that Boracay’s more than six-months of peaceful closure in order to rehabilitate and clean it up — yet just after it opened it instantly became a Chinese Boracay Island, where Chinese businesses pop’s up in almost every corner of the island competing with Filipino owned businesses in the area. In fact, according to the locals that I chatted with told me that almost everyday that Chinese cruise-ships offload hundreds of thousands Chinese citizens flocking through the island. Although, I don’t mind this at all. However, did we not rehabilitate the island to ensure that it’s not going to be environmentally damaging when going off to over-capacity?

I think surely, the act of this Chinese woman pretty much sums up to what many of the Chinese mainlanders think about our country. Just a shithole where they can drop their shit everytime without having to worry that we’d be fighting back at them. I think this could be the result of our President’s diehard affinity to China.

This country is going down the shit hole.

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