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Supersonic Jets for the Philippine Airforce – PNOY stood up against China

I get it — he doesn’t look ”macho” and many even regarded him to be somewhat mentally incapable for he was raised in a prim and proper upper class Filipino household in contrast to the some populist leaders who labelled themselves as ‘Pro Poor’ by talking all crass and indecent to invoke a sense of participative politics and gain the support of those living in far flung provinces particularly the working class and the poor. Yes,  he really doesn’t appeal to the general public and his shimmer only seems to ride along her father and mother’s coattails for their notorious contribution in the toppling of the corrupt Marcos regime.

Truth be told — I only know him because of our history books which our teacher didn’t bother just as much to elaborate the actual events in the EDSA People Power in 86. So he wasn’t really even particularly noteworthy even when he served in the Lower House and in the Senate.  I think personally that his victory in the 2010 elections was perhaps due to him being an ‘Aquino’ and not because of a name he carved and built for himself.

In fact, in the last 2010 elections.  I never voted for the guy. But then as the years dragged on I soon found that he appeared to be a humble and decisive leader — though I really don’t felt the need to chime in to politics as politics back in the day may be turbulent but free from troll shaming and prowling death-squads.

Now, in the issue of the West Philippine Sea.

I have been seeing a lot of false notions from our Ka-DDS friends that Aquino had been inept in handling the West Philippine Sea situation.

Many even repeated the same fake-news about Trillanes back-channel talks with China, which were in fact a mutual agreement of both parties to withdraw in Scarborough after a Philippine ship accidentally sunk a Chinese fishing vessel there.

For the ignorant Ka-DDS — the situation in the West Philippine Sea worsened because of Gloria Arroyo’s JMSU agreement with China, which allowed China to explore areas which were clearly within our Exclusive Economic Zone in exchange of graft-laden loans such as the ZTE Broadband deal etc

Though in those years – I was not fully satisfied with his stance in the West Philippine Sea arguably because he continues to rein in our military assets and halts any provocative actions in the West Philippine Sea.

But I realize this was part of the plan. Aquino wants to first debunk China’s historical rights in the West Philippine Sea through legal means, which would surely rally International support to our cause and pressure to China to give ground.

This was the strategy and indeed – in 2016 the much awaited victory came to light. However, he was no longer in power, but a brutish tough-talking strongman named Duterte.

Unfortunately, for him and all the Filipinos who wished to defend our claims in the West Philippine Sea.

The newly elected wimp in Malacañang simply ignored the arbitration ruling since he wants to make friends with the enemy whilst his presumed friend-enemy continues to plunder our seas and harass our fishermen within our own EEZ.

But his lasting legacy of upgrading our military most particularly our air force and naval assets to bolster our defense capabilities will truly be a symbolic achievement of Post-Marcos president. Here are the bad-ass military hardware that he wants the military to have.

DELIVERED (brand new)

First Strategic Sealift Vessel

Second Strategic Sealift Vessel

Two FA-50 Fighter Jets

10 FA-50 Fighter Jets

5 naval choppers

2 anti-submarine choppers

8 attack choppers

3 Medium Lift Aircraft (C-295)

8 Bell 412 Combat Utility Helicopters (Bell 412 EP)

M4 Caliber 5.56mm


BRP Gregorio Del Pilar

3rd former Coast Guard vessel

BRP Ramon Alcaraz

2 C-130 cargo planes

M113A2 Armored Personnel Carriers

Research vessel


2 supply ships from Australia

With no fan-fare and no army of trolls and propaganda machinery to ferret out his achievements. He wants to send a message to China that Philippines mean business, but first he must secure the support of the International community and in order to do just that – he must first challenge China to court.

Source : Rappler article
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