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Dengue on a rampage killing hundreds, PH worst Dengue epidemic in five years

Every time we talk about Dengue you would almost certainly recall the vaccine, which was meant to prevent it.  The vaccine ‘Dengvaxia’ which was used in more than 11 countries around the world, including Singapore, the European Union and even passed US FDA approval have been intensely politicized and unceremoniously vilified by Duterte allied politicians and propaganda influencers with hopes to pin the former President Aquino on trumped up charges just like Senator De Lima who was attacked and jailed using the same tactic of public humiliation and state-sanctioned legal lynching.

One of the strongest voices on the Dengvaxia controversy is the Chief of the Public Attorney’s Office Persida V. Acosta who used state-resources and media screen time to further exacerbate the vaccine-wary populace resulting in massive numbers of Filipino parents refusing further vaccinations on their children.

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The results of their well-coordinated fearmongering political siege to distrupt and sway public opinion in shifting their frustrations on the previous administration whilst shielding their own incompetence and brazen questionable acts in office.

Here’s what DOH stated on its report :

The causes of measles outbreak involved a number of factors or elements. Loss of public confidence and trust in vaccines in the immunization program brought about by the Dengvaxia controversy has been documented as one of many factors that contributed to vaccine hesitancy in the country. This refers to mothers who became hesitant to have their children vaccinated with vaccines that were long proven to be effective.

On October 2018, the World Health Organization conducted a study in selected areas in Metro Manila to identify reasons for not bringing their children for immunization. The top reasons are the following: fear due to Dengvaxia, and the lack of time among households.

Moreover, results of the vaccine confidence project in 2015 against 2018 by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on the respondents’ views that vaccines are important decreased from 93% to 32%; safe and effective from 82% down to 21% and vaccine confidence dropped from 93 to 32% respectively.

So as you can see – it’s perfectly clear that many people actually believed the anti-vaccine stories spread by Duterte’s well-coordinated propaganda machine including first-rate major fascist bloggers like Sassot, RJ Nieto and former PCOO Undersecretary Mocha Uson. The result of which were immediate loss of confidence and further worsens the public health situation in the country.

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This is the first time that we declared a national dengue epidemic

According to the latest data released by DOH. There’s already been more than 160 thousand people infected, which was the highest in the last five years and 661 confirmed fatalities resulting from Dengue infection. As a result, DOH declared a National Dengue Epidemic  together with other government agencies, LGUs, schools, offices, and communities will conduct in neighborhood cleaning and fogging in areas where dengue infections are endemic.

However, we couldn’t help but wonder – if the Dengue vaccine could have still been utilized until now then the number of casualties might have been lower?

The truth of the matter is that regardless if the vaccine had its fair share of risks as you would on any pharmaceutical products. Its efficacy to prevent dengue infections is unquestionably efficient. Thus, according to Sanofi that the chance of developing severe-dengue symptoms were at 0.05% as opposed to the mortality rate of Dengue fever.

So with that being said – I would let my children get vaccinated rather than risk contracting Dengue fever which is far more deadly as you would imagine.

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We know for a fact that even Duterte’s daughter ‘Kitty’ and grandchild all got ‘Dengvaxia’ vaccinations so why all the fuss on stopping a good vaccine? I think DOH should better make sure that its administration were done correctly and should only be provided to right people this guidelines have already been set by Sanofi to countries using the vaccine.


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