Jay Sonza mistakenly used a wrong photo to bash Kabataan Partylist Sarah Elago

Jay Sonza former newscaster and talk show host also former station manager of UNTV now social-media influencer with a huge following online in Facebook had posted a photo of a woman on a bikini insinuating that this was Sarah Elago of Kabataan Partylist. He said that she the woman on the photo presumed to be Sarah Elago have previously been very critical against the Duterte administration and whose presence have always been on the streets prior to winning a seat in the Congress and now enjoying the beach. So in essence, Jay Sonza playfully made this sly remark to make fun of those people critical to the Duterte administration and invoking a sense of moral playing field akin at the same level as Duterte’s indecent and senseless ramblings.

He posted the said photo right on his wall and in plain view on thousands of his followers without having to check the said photo on its authenticity or without regard to the privacy of the person. His blatant disregard and objectification of women to the point of cheapening them by insinuating malicious connotations based on their clothing. He might have got a free-pass on that if it were Sarah Elago however it wasn’t. The photo appeared to be owned by a netizen Kathe Luna. A private citizen with no knowledge whatsoever about in’s and out’s of the political landscape.

Jay Sonza’s incredible gullibility has yet again caused someone great shame and damage to her honor. Since we already know that gullible trolls following his page would consume anything he post without regard if it were true or not – no matter how fantastic those real or imagined facts may be. Which as expected — the emotional response of his followers would have been to bash her.

So putting that into perspective – she the owner of the photo should press charges to Jay Sonza for the violation of her privacy and for wantonly allowing the trolls to acquire her photo and which resulted to her from being cyber-bullied on Facebook.

Though as of the time of writing. Jay Sonza has since removed his post, but the damage has already been done.

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