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3 islands offered to China by the Duterte administration alarms navy official

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According to the Philippine Navy that they have just been made aware that three-islands were being offered to China by the Philippine government, which is Fuga Island, Chiquita Island, and Grande Island, which would be developed into a POGO operations area or could also be jumping off de-facto Chinese military base in the future.

Though I don’t mind just as much having a Chinese military presence in the country since we previously had US troops stationed in our soil some years ago. But the major difference is that China deliberately encroached our own exclusive economic zones and threatens our fishermen and navy with missiles and deliberate ramming within our own seas.

Until now, China has yet to respect the UN Arbitration ruling debunking its nine-dashed claim all over the entire South China Sea including the West Philippine Sea. And with that being said — there’s no point submitting ourselves under Chinese hegemony just yet contrary to our President’s surprising vassal oath to China’s Xi Jin Ping.

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Under Duterte – China conquered more islands without firing a single shot

In decades, the Philippines deteriorated in both moral, national and religious values shrinking us all back into gullible oblivion and blind fanaticism. Long gone were the days of our great patriots written in the pages of our history — who, despite all odds resisted and eventually won us back our independence. I could only remember the days where I sit spellbound by our teachers narration of Philippine history and wondered how it would be like living in those times and to be in the frontlines defending your country.

My grandfather used to fight the Japanese during their bloody occupation in the 1940’s. True enough, many were fearful of their Japanese masters and many were slaughtered and killed to stoke fear in their hearts and discourage possible resistance however this failed to subdue the indomitable Filipino spirit. Funny though that after just several decades — the Filipinos were in complete awe of their Chinese masters regardless of their callousness to acknowledge Philippine territory.

Last year, Duterte’s order to stop further patrols in the West Philippine Sea which resulted in China occupying Sandy Cay lies over 4 nautical miles from Pag-asa Island, which is part of Palawan province. Should China develops Sandy Cay into another artificial island with port and military facilities – this would further endanger the inhabitants of Pag-Asa island which ultimately sits within our territorial sea.

“We’re calling their attention na please consider the security implication of these islands, or of these locations should the national government or higher leadership desire or decide to convert it into something more useful than its current state” – Captain Jonathan Zata PH Navy

Now, the Philippine government offers ‘three islands’ to China and the waters on one of these islands in the northwest is where our telecommunications cables are being put which would further endanger our national security. China can just easily tap on our telecommunications, data and intercept messages and traffic for surveillance purposes.

According to the PH Navy captain. “If this could not be properly secured this might impact on our capability to get in touch with the rest of the world.”

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