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They slammed PNOY calling Dengvaxia a tool for genocide but now Duterte wants Dengvaxia back

The Duterte propaganda machine along with its top-notched legal circus with notable clowns like Acosta desperately wanted to villify a good Anti-Dengue vaccine in order to arrest and clamp down the former President Aquino for his decision of acquiring and approving the said vaccine. Along with her is a well-known major and seemingly influential political blogger ”Sassot for the Motherland” who released a dramatic video claiming that Aquino committed acts of genocide for approving the said vaccine.

The entire gullible DDS community of Duterte followers consequently spread the contagion of fear amongst their families which resulted in a nationwide ”Anti Vaccine” fear wherein different twisted versions of the said article claiming that other vaccines might also be dangerous and could cause deliberating birth defects to infants prompting many parents to defer from government vaccination efforts.

Such event didn’t come without a consequence. And true enough – at the height of the Anti Dengvaxia hearings in the Senate. Much of the populace has been under siege by Dengue carrying mosquitoes victimizing children and young adults alike.

For the very first time – DOH released a national alert against Dengue

According to DOH that from January 1 to June 29, 2019 there have been 106,630 dengue cases reported nationwide, which is a stunning 85 percent increase 57,564 cases reported over the same period last year. Such glaring numbers on what appeared to be a preventable viral disease like Dengue through vaccination were now gaining much ground and claiming the lives of more than 400 people including innocent children.

“..The intention of the vaccination program is to reduce hospitalization by 80 percent and to reduce the severity by 93 percent.. Dengue outbreak could have been prevented by Dengvaxia vaccination drive

— Janette Garin (Former DOH Health secretary)..”

Although, Sanofi the makers of the Anti Dengue vaccine has since warned that the said vaccine must not be used by people who were previously infected with Dengue as they may get worst symptoms of the Dengue fever. However, the efficacy of the vaccine of stopping Dengue infections is undeniably foolproof. The said vaccine could save thousands of lives, especially that ones whom were not yet infected by the vaccine.

The price of legitimized fake news

The problem with the incumbent Duterte administration is that it swiftly catches up with the current social-media trends being pushed through by its own propaganda machine. This can be outright useful to push through information campaigns to further the government’s reach however, the problem is that this same channels were abused to misinform the public in order to attack and malign opposition officials or downplay issues of significance to serve their own best interest.

As eloquently put by Duterte trolls and influencers. ”Kami ang media ni Duterte”. Such statement was undoubtedly true. These same bands of trolls and fake news influencers have all been responsible in disseminating fake articles praising the Duterte regime and exaggerating its achievements. Worst, they have also been weaponized to harass and attack the press such as Maria Ressa of Rappler, Senator Trillanes and even the currently sitting Vice President Leni Robredo.

The attack against the former President Aquino came in a way of attacking a good vaccine like Dengvaxia. Of course, to Aquino’s mind. He did what he has to do. Either to ”not use” an existing vaccine to save countless lives or use a ”risky” vaccine and harm a small percentage of the population. This can be tricky but he believes that the benefits of using the said vaccine far outweigh the risk owing the fact that the Philippines a dengue-hotspot in Southeast asia and almost every year hundreds of people die from dengue fever.

Now, Duterte wants Dengvaxia back amidst Dengue outbreak

Fast forward, after the unceasing propaganda attack directed against Dengvaxia in their bid to destroy and possibly held PNOY liable were in all in ashes as just recently Malacañang expressed their support for the return of the said vaccine. According to the Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo that the Duterte administration is more than willing to allow Dengvaxia vaccinations for as long as its for the welfare of the people.

Was it not what PNOY did before? The Dengvaxia vaccinations were actually for the welfare of the people?

Perhaps, PNOY’s reasoning was that considering dengue infection rates reach up to 90% in the country, so the majority of the school children who were inoculated with Dengvaxia will get the protective benefits of the vaccine than those who hasn’t.

Just recently the US FDA just approved Dengvaxia along with the countries in EU

Image result for dengvaxia approved countries

And now all PNOY’s efforts seemed to have all been derailed due to the incessant propaganda efforts to vilify Dengvaxia and caused nationwide anti-dengvaxia panic wherein thousands of Filipino parents refused to get their children vaccinated on fears of Dengvaxia severe dengue symptoms.

As the death-toll gradually increases. So does the desperation of the government to put an end to Dengue fever contractions. However, as much as they do – it’s pretty inevitable that many will succumb to the viral disease, especially in far-flung provinces wherein mosquito species thrives in the availability of fresh water ponds and lakes.

The best option would be to renew the Dengvaxia vaccination efforts in order to curb the Dengue epidemic for the good of all Filipinos. Second, punish the instigators of the Anti Dengvaxia fake news to serve their political interests. Health issues like this one should not be discussed in the tongues of the vitriol pseudo-intellectuals with absolutely no prior medical experience or expertise whatsoever.

Let the experts review and approve Dengvaxia as it was consequently being approved in First World countries like in the  US and EU so I don’t see why should this be stopped in the Philippines where we have a critical contraction rate of Dengue fever

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