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Chinese tourists infiltrated PH naval base in Palawan

It’s been quite some time since we’ve read several conspiracy theories regarding able-bodied Chinese men entering the country and masquerading as either tourists or POGO workers but in reality were well-trained soldiers of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). However, we’ve got no substantial evidence as to the motives of these men nor were there any derogatory records which could justify their military motives. Until just recently, a group of Chinese tourists wantonly entered a Philippine Navy base in Palawan which was just a few 300 kilometers away from Chinese claimed reefs in the Spratlys.

“Sabi ko nga first time siyang nangyari, parang Monday or Tuesday. We are cooperating. Actually, I am attending several meetings pagdating dyan sa Western Command (WESCOM). Marami tayong efforts para mailatag din ang security all over the city not only sa ating mga tourist destinations” – Aileen Cynthia Amurao City Tourism Department (CTD)

So, according to the tourism department that this was the ”first time” for it happen in several years that Chinese tourists infiltrated a Philippine military base and then took pictures of all the ships berthed nearby which could be a serious intelligence leak in favor of the Chinese navy operating nearby. However, it seems that the local mayor allied with Duterte downplayed the incident.

Although, it’s unclear how the said tourists entered the military base without the guard noticing them which makes it even more suspicious. Do these tourists have military training or sort? How did they get past military checkpoint? Did someone, give them a free-pass? We don’t really know much as of yet as no further details were being shared regarding this

The Chinese invasion continues..

Many people have since been noticing the mass influx of Chinese workers from the mainland China flocking into the country as our President seeks warmer ties with Chinese President Xi Jin Ping and the Chinese government. I don’t feel that this is much of a concern. However, many reports came in from people on the ground, noticing the misbehavior of these Chinese men as they act like Filipinos were not first-class citizens of this country.

Example. A Chinese woman splashed taho on a police officer manning the MRT lines. And yet it seems that the lady was not really afraid of the consequences. Despite her actions, no harsh sanctions have been imposed by the Philippine government and she got off quite easily after just uttering words apologies.

Image result for security guard chinese woman mrt

There’s been so many construction projects in the country also manned by Chinese workers and has since been taking away jobs from Filipino workers in the country whilst imposing hefty interest on the said loans to be paid by the Filipinos whom they stole those jobs from. Here’s the video documentary of illegal Chinese workers working in one of the construction projects in the country.

Do take note that these men were paid well above minimum wage and was offered more benefits than their Filipino counterparts

Next, we have the former Island Cove resort in Kawit, Cavite used to be owned by the Remulla family is being converted into an exclusive haven for at least 20,000 Chinese workers of Philippine offshore gambling operator (Pogo) much better called as the ”POGO” island. So just imagine how China snitched a Philippine island without firing a single shot?

Image result for chinese workers

It really doesn’t require much proverbial thinking that the threat of Chinese mainlanders taking away our jobs, businesses and even our first-class citizenship in this country. Worse, we even got missiles from the Chinese bases in the West Philippine Sea directly aimed at us and could fire at our cities at any moment. We are at the losing end of this Xi-Duterte bargain and only it seems that Duterte’s corporate cronies were the ones gaining so much from these onerous loans and projects.

Image result for xi duterte

I could only pray and hope that all of this will change in the future and that the Filipino people will continue to make a stand against Chinese atrocities and advances in our communities.

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