What?! Shootout?! Nope – Just plain butchery in broad daylight

So just an hour ago. There’s been a bloody shootout between what appeared to be local police forces and suspected holdupers. And I know that you might as well thought that well its just the police doing their job right? There’s no freaking harm in shooting suspects on sight? Er.. Well, you got it all wrong. Now for the record before a barrage trolls attacks me and my page about this commentary, I would like to point out that I live in Cebu City from which this incident took place. Just several meters from where I’m typing this article so I’d be in the right position to comment on this issue.


Now let’s start. I’d like to let you know that I will be basing this commentary on PNP’s operational manual, guidelines and rules of engagement when accosting suspects in the field which you can find on this link here.

First of all, under Article III of the pro-human rights and the anti – dictatorship Constitution of 1986  identifies and defines the fundamental rights of Filipino citizens, including suspected criminals; it says ”No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. All persons shall enjoy equal protection of the law (Section 1)”. It also states that ”The accused shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty” which means that anyone can’t be presumed guilty unless tried in the court of law and of course have been given the chance to defend themselves.

I know most of you people might say its redundant and we sure don’t have to spend time and money helping suspected criminals? Of course we shouldn’t. Hence, convicted felons who took advantage of free legal services and got convicted will have to pay a certain fee to the government. So to sum it all up – once you’ve been convicted you would have to pay the government back aside from being jailed for a particular length of time.

And you might say – this is why there’s been so many criminals because we respect their human rights? Of course we respect their human rights because even if they have supposedly done things that is against the law but we aren’t sure just yet. Hence, there’s a need for a much deeper investigation and to try the facts in the court of law.

Otherwise – we should just go around shooting anyone we dislike or we suspect to have wronged us? Why the heck do we need lawyers for? Why the heck do we need investigators of all sorts and special fields to try and determine the facts surrounding a case. Unless, it is proven that these supposed ”suspects” were indeed criminals then we have to try the facts first if whether this is true or not?

If the law has now become just a tip of the government’s bullet then there is absolutely no sense in creating laws or upholding them in the first place. Heck, why do we need to elect freaking members of the Congress when the government can just do whatever it wants to do and exempts themselves from the glaring atrocities they themselves committed?

Just imagine the world where the government and anyone in power can just kill and maim ordinary citizens — the sound of which might seem to be merely echoes from the past under the Marcos regime. However, the present Duterte administration has done much much more damage to the Philippines in terms of its human-rights situation than all of the Marcos years combined.

Next, the said PNP operational manual and guideline also prohibits the use of ”warning shots” in public places where many people could get hurt or injured such in the case of Duterte’s drug-war where many innocent civilians and bystanders have been killed. It also says that the police must use any peaceful means including use of whistles and megaphones, or any similar means to influence, warn the offenders or suspects to stop and/or peacefully surrender to authority.

Police officers are prohibited from firing at moving vehicles, excessive use of force and the use of deadly weapons unless the suspect poses imminent danger of causing death or serious physical injury to other persons or the police officers.

Clearly, all of these things have not been followed as shown in the short video clip of the said shoot-out. The trigger-happy cops who’s been Internationally renowned of killing innocent civilians, including children are now back in force raining bullets over an incapacitated suspect with the aim of tearing his flesh with bullets after bullets to quench their thirst for blood.

Worst, many of our country-men were even willing enablers of such grim display of atrocity towards their fellow man. To them, it was great watching an incapacitated suspect being torn apart with bullets after bullets. I was horrified at how many people look into this with such seeming insensitivity and even called many human-rights activists and groups to be victimized instead by criminals.

Truly, common sense has long left the nation in dread. Many of our countrymen with most of their lives attached to their phones and locked in and subscribed to daily propaganda stories of Duterte’s well-oiled machinery in Youtube and Facebook has completely destroyed the freedom spirit of Filipinos and its spiritual and moral compass.

God save us.


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