Marcos supporters suffered food poisoning after attending Imelda’s Birthday celeb

According to a report published by Rappler here. It’s estimated that there’s around 137 people rushed to the hospital after experiencing severe stomach aches from eating food, particularly ”adobo” which was served to them by the Marcos family during the event. It is said that the event happened in Ynares Sports Complex in Pasig City, July 1st this year.

The Marcoses not only gives poisonous food. Until now, they poison the Filipinos with more lies

It is quite symbolic for the Marcoses whose reign was marked by terror and massive croynism which brought the Philippine economy to its knees for more than 2 decades. In fact, much of the Marcos loans are not even yet fully paid until 2025 due to the changing interest rates and unstable economic conditions in the Philippines. Despite having been ousted in an overwhelming peaceful protest in 1986. The Marcoses were able to re-claim their political influence and now the son of Ferdinand Marcos which is Bong Bong Marcos were even close to actually landing a Vice Presidential win versus Leni Robredo.

The Marcos family carries with them the conscience of about 3,257 known extrajudicial killings, 35,000 documented tortures, 77 souls ‘disappeared’ without a trace. Not to mention the overwhelming stash of tax-payer money funneled through dummy corporations abroad. Some have been recovered by the government, but many continue to hide from plain sight. And God knows where the rest of the questionable Marcos wealth was hidden.

They were doing this with the rest of the populace suffering from massive inflation and shortage of food. In the graph below prepared by Rappler. It shows the huge dip in our economic status after Marcos debt-driven approach starts to collapse.

Image result for marcos corruption graph

Sadly, despite that glaring evidence and witnesses attributed to the abuses and corruption of the Marcoses. Still,  they were able to buy their way to and permeate in the public eye by supporting social-media trolls to attack critics and amplify historical revisionist propaganda.

Imagine eating a plate of food from a family of mass-murderers and plunderers? Yes, it’s free and it’s great for people who has never eaten ‘adobo’ in their entire lives. But your presence creates this propaganda effect which makes the Marcos family seemed impervious and influential. This is how politicians buy people — through a small bundle of rice, canned goods or just feed them or give them copious amounts of money. Notwithstanding that by receiving puts them at a much greater disadvantage by keeping corrupt and treacherous leaders like the Marcoses into power.

One of the women who attended the event said that she felt sick after eating adobo. Could the Marcos family fed them dirty and contaminated food?

Image result for marcos food poisoning

I can’t really blame people for coming over and eating those Marcos foods, but the mere thought of their glaring atrocities committed in the past and even until now his daughter Imee Marcos had been accused of embezzling public funds in Ilocos. But will we ever learn?

You see, the Philippine political landscape has since shifted to a more tolerable pro-Marcosian sentiments. Thanks to modern propaganda and easy access to blogs and un-vetted information online.  Many Filipinos can now read countless memes, videos and fake stories supposedly highlighting the golden era of the Martial Law years. Despite the data, facts and historical accounts of what transpired during those times. Right now. Filipinos continued to be swooned under the Marcos spell. As if its poison which corrupts your soul.

Worst, under the Duterte administration. The President himself maintains a steady a pro Marcos agenda which started by burying the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the cemetery of heroes (“Libingan ng mga Bayani”). Not to mention the constant denials and misinformation consistently forced down our throats by Duterte’s appointees, allies and social-media trolls. He knows that by praising Marcos he can easily get-away with abuses by simply dismissing them necessary evil towards the ultimate discipline of the Filipino population.

Much, much worst. The daughter of the late dictator himself won a seat in the Senate and is now poised to support any legislative agenda favoring her and her family. So expect more scathingly stupid statements and decisions of Imee Marcos in the Senate.

I know this is all bad news. And trust me. I didn’t want to make you feel grim and weary. But we know that truth, reason and common-sense should and always be the antidote against Marcos and Duterte’s poison. Let it be your weapon against his well-oiled trolls and propaganda machine.

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