Bato De la Rosa mistakenly thought that UNHCR is a country

The incoming neophyte Senator Bato De La Rosa has since been known to have  been a fanatical Duterte supporter. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise if Bato would do everything in his power to exonerate his master Duterte in accusations of extra-judicial killings. As you may or may not know that it was under his stint as the PNP Chief, where he started a major anti-drug enforcement operation which killed thousands of innocent Filipinos even until this very day. Most of them living in impoverished areas or some with absolutely no derogatory record even including a South Korean businessman who were categorically murdered inside a police-compound and his remains were instantly cremated and flushed in the toilet bowl with much to his bereaved families grave dismay.

Bato is WRONG again. Philippines is just ONE of the several countries with human-rights issues mentioned in the statement

In the opening statement of 41st session of the Human Rights Council. Philippines were one of the several countries with troubling human-rights violations which needs to be closely investigated and resolved. The statement starts :

The eyes of the world are on the Council as this June session opens. Over 100 reports are due to be examined. Panel discussions will delve deeply into many human rights situations and themes. They include topics crucial to women’s enjoyment of human rights in the context of work, old age and climate change; targeted surveillance and the private surveillance industry; mental health; and other essential areas of political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights. There will also be interactive dialogues regarding the Democratic Republic of the Congo,  Myanmar, Sudan and Venezuela, among many other issues.

You can read the full statement here.

So let me just skip to the part where the worsening human-rights conditions in the Philippines were mentioned

Mr President, 

My Office is following the situation of human rights in the Philippines very closely. The extraordinarily high number of deaths – and persistent reports of extrajudicial killings – in the context of campaigns against drug use continue. Even the officially confirmed number of 5425 deaths would be a matter of most serious concern for any country. I welcome the recent statement by Special Rapporteurs calling for action by the Council. There should also be comprehensive and transparent information from the authorities on the circumstances around the deaths, and investigations related to allegations of violations. These could dispel any false allegations and help regain trust for the authorities. 

Human rights defenders, including activists for land rights and the rights of indigenous peoples; journalists; lawyers; members of the Catholic clergy; and others who have spoken out – notably the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples – have received threats, sometimes publicly, from senior Government officials. This creates a very real risk of violence against them, and undermines rule of law, as well as the right to freedom of expression. 

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Bato to UNCHR – Mind your own country!

So basically – Bato De La Rosa’s DDS rhetoric of implying a bias accusations targeted only Duterte’s Philippines while other countries were given a free pass is absolutely wrong and misleading. This is because the official statement mentioned many different countries were increasing numbers of human-rights violations were being reported. Special mention is Cameroon, Sudan and China whom were known to have started its own concentration camps to detain and re-educate ethnic Muslims in the Xinjiang region — there’s been eyewitness reports of torture inside those camps.

UNCHR is NOT a country

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The UNCHR is not a country, nor is it managed or controlled by any specific state party. It is an independent global organization which in the past established during the immediate aftermath of the devastating second world war in the 40’s. Its financial backing comes from donors and contributions from wealthy countries. So Bato De La Rosa’s statement is completely false and absolutely incoherent.

Bear in mind. This is your incoming Senator in the 18th Congress. God have mercy!

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