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Duterte allies and appointees scrambles to defend China over the sinking of Filipino vessel

The Western Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines has since acknowledged the intentional ramming of a certain Chinese vessel straight to a hapless ragtag wooden outrigger boat anchored in a stationary position. After the incident, the crew were to be left behind on their sinking ship as they struggle to swim for their lives out at the mercy of the cold, turbid waters surrounded by Chinese navy ships.

Fortunately for them. A nearby Vietnamese ship rescued the fishermen.

The Department of Defense under Secretary Lorenzana strongly protested against China regarding the incident and called upon the Duterte administration for a full-blown investigation and the filing of diplomatic protests against China. However, the response of the Duterte administration were seemed to be quite timid on the issue. In fact, most of his allies and appointees were even more concerned to the Chinese ship and China rather than the plight of the poor fishermen who could have drowned in the high-seas due to the ramming of the Chinese ship.

DFA Locsin: Fuck international community! You can be bought!

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As expected from one of Duterte’s hardcore appointees – DFA Chief Teddy Locsin insisted that the incident may even be simply an allision and not the supposed intentional ramming which is what the AFP people are saying. In a certain sense. Teddy Locsin is blatantly selling the idea that the Chinese ship may have just directly traverse a specific direction and did not notice the anchored fishing boat as it passes through.

But this is highly unlikely. We need to take note however that the Chinese vessel must presumably be larger and is well-equipped with early warning systems which means that the crew of such ship. However, it’s quite perplexing that the ship plowed the Filipino fishing boat without even turning back realizing the danger on the hapless poor fishermen which was left on the wrecked boat.

In his post on Twitter. Locsin responded to a Netizen who downplayed the supposed filing of diplomatic protest as it just all tak and no action. Which is exactly correct. We can only resolve the issues in the West Philippine Sea to a multilateral approach which will involve our long-time allies like the United States, South Korea and Japan. Which then triggered a feisty arrogant vindictive from the former journalist Teddy Locsin now DFA Chief by calling out the International community ”Fuck” and even insinuated that they can be bought or bribed.

If the International community can be bought so would he agree that even lowly cabinet officials like himself can also be bought with Chinese money? And in doing so – he is obliged to defend China without regard to the best interest of his country and the people he should be serving?

Locsin is obviously a Kool-Aid sucker. Welp! It seems that it is normal for any Duterte appointee to be always be sucking the Duterte Kool-Aid and defend Chinese aggression, which would put their patrons from Beijing in the negative light. This is the new normal in Philippine politics. Many of the corrupt politicians who hold power in many different regions in the country now beg China’s deep pockets for no-strings attached investments.

And when we say – no-strings attached investments. We mean no human-rights and anti-corruption guarantees. Which means that China can surely satisfy their cravings of amassing huge amounts of taxpayer loot down their pockets. While helping China achieve its ambitions to enrich and further its economic and military objectives. Notwithstanding the grave consequence, it would bring to the people, which these politicians should be serving.

Senate Presiden Sotto floated the idea that it could be merely an ”accident’!?

Another circus entertainer turned oligarch buffoon. You can surely buy votes and people to follow you. You can buy fame and glory, but you can never buy common sense and reason. This Pepsi-loving plagiarist floated that idea that the said incident may simply be an accident. Well, he never realy considered the facts of the case.

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A.) The said Chinese vessel should not have been operating within our own Exclusive Economic Zone without our approval

B.) Reed/Recto Bank is just an area very close to the West coast of Palawan which falls within Philippine jurisdiction

C.) The large Chinese vessel should have known that their ship collided with another vessel given that they are well equipped than their Filipino counterparts

D.) So if there was an accident and the Chinese crew aboard the said vessel should have turned back and rescued the drowning Filipino sailors.

If Sotto could have used his common-sense. Perhaps, he wouldn’t have floated this preposterous idea of an ”accident”. Simply because, the ship was merely stationary and is not moving any direction. That should minimize the chances of a collision.

Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGs)

Section III – conduct of vessels in restricted visibility (Rule 19)
Rule 19 states every vessel should proceed at a safe speed adapted to prevailing circumstances and restricted visibility. A vessel detecting by radar another vessel should determine if there is risk of collision and if so take avoiding action. A vessel hearing fog signal of another vessel should reduce speed to a minimum.
So, given that there were some visibility issues during the approach of the Chinese vessel then it should have detected the object in its path or it could have maneuvered defensively to prevent a head-on collision.
Like I said before. If this was indeed an accident like Sotto and Locsin is floating about then Chinese ship should have returned and rescued the fishermen. It seems that the crew of the ship intends that these helpless sailors to drown along with them the story of the incident. But a nearby Vietnamese vessel rescued them and so here they are. They live to tell the tale.

As I’ve been saying all along. The question here is not about whether this was an accident or anything. The grave reality of the situation calls for a more biased approach for a Filipino politician funded by Filipino taxes to aid in favor of Filipinos in need of representation and defense. Not some ignorant crackpot casting desperate for changing the point-of-view and casting doubt on the story to favor the aggressor instead of their aggrieved constituents.

We’ve been hearing all these — it could be this and it could be that. We couldn’t talke anything about China. They have the guns the weapons and everything etc. For some weird reason.

The Duterte administration is being slapped back and forth and abused by China every single time and not even a single ”Potangina” from the fiery strongman of the South? The Punisher? Where is this Punisher now? Hiding behind his mosquito net? Look at how fast he condemns countries who abide in the decent and formal discourse to resolve issues. And now, faced with an authoritarian juggernaut who equally enjoyed jailing and killings its own people to preserve its hold over them.

If my countrymen continue to timidly allow this atrocity to pass us by then our position in the International community as a sovereign nation will start to crumble and weaken. In time, China could influence our elections and helped usher in an authoritarian government answerable only to the master in Beijing. And while the Hongkongers and Taiwanese who descended from mainland China struggle to free from its grasp. The Philippines seems to lovingly place its head over Chinas greed fangs. At any moment – it can bite us off – leaving us severely devastated.

Our heroes wrought the seeds of our freedom. We enjoyed and we partake its glorious harvest. May we continue to plant the same seeds and resist any attempts to destroy the balance of and essence of democracy in our country. You owe it not only to your yourself, but also for your children and your children’s children.

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