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JUST IN: Chinese vessel sunk Philippine fishing vessel and left 22 Poor Filipino Fishermen to swim for their lives

As expected. A Chinese vessel collided with a Filipino fishing vessel and left them to swim for their lives in the vast ocean. They didn’t care if those Filipino fishermen have families waiting for them at home. They just left without any attempt to rescue them.  Though fortunately for them, a Vietnamese vessel were nearby and rescued the fishermen.

Philippine Secretary of National Defense Lorenzana denounced the actions of the Chinese for abandoning the Filipino fishermen on-board F/B GIMVER1 following the collision near Recto Bank within the Philippines EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone).

The funny thing is that this is yet again another reported incident of harassment of Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, despite supposed stronger ties with China.

Remember that last year, members of the Chinese Coast Guard were filmed taking the catch of Filipino fishermen in Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal off the coast of Zambales. Palace officials justified their inability to enforce Philippine sovereignty in those areas because China had “more control” of the area owing the fact their next major base in Mischief Reef were close enough for armada of naval assets to refuel and patrol nearby.

For the record. The President of the Philippines has NOT released a single public diplomatic protest against China’s continues harassment and illegal actions in the West Philippine Sea. Will this incident calls for a tougher stance against Chinese invasion in the West Philippine Sea?

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