An 8 month baby was hurt in Laguna EJK while Duterte appointee Locsin blames the CCTV

Just two days ago. A bloody massacre was caught on a CCTV camera as it transpired in broad daylight, which claimed the lives of a barangay councilor, his father-in-law and an unsuspecting barangay tanod who happens to be in the scene.  Watch below

Police said the victims were about to enter their car when the suspect shot them several times at Dita Rotonda, Barangay Rotonda in Sta. Rosa at around 8 a.m.  Though it is still unclear on whatever is the motive of the suspect, but it’s likely going to be attributed to drug-related killings but no less than the police themselves.

The Philippines has become a war zone for criminals – Duterte appears to be helpless

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It seems that for the time being, the death toll continues as Duterte’s drug-war rages with no sign of slowing down. Worse, the killings were now even happening even under broad daylight without fear of police reprisals and witnesses of the crime. It seems that the people were not only safe at night but also on day time. How ironic that for quite a while the Duterte Propaganda machine depicts him to be a strong willed politician who kills people to deter crimes. However, the said euphoria of strongman deterrence really isn’t working as evident to the perpetrators free-reign in Philippine streets. Butchering civilians day and night without fear from authorities and despite Duterte’s huge-budge for the police and armed forces – not even a single one of them had been arrested due to the fact that Duterte wantonly hid his drug-war records or even to the extent of protecting cops who butchered civilians. He does to fend off  investigations of his supposed gross human rights violations under the Rome Statute.

An 8 month baby was hurt in the massacre

If you watch the video very closely – you can see the man was holding an 8 month old baby in his arms as they entered the vehicle.  This was the barangay councilor’s son. The baby had been hurt and was also hospitalized during the massacre of his father. Luckily though he survived without any serious threat to his life. This similar incident also happened in many different areas and locations in the Philippines, where hapless civilians were killed within the line of fire between paid gun-for-hires and or the actual trigger-happy policemen themselves. The Philippines is in its worst state. As the corpse piles up and more and more innocent civilians were being butchered day and night. The Philippine government turns a blind eye to these atrocities. The president speeches have this effect on the people that they now see ”violence” as the only means to resolve conflicts just as their idol Duterte does.

Locsin questions the release of the CCTV video and suspects that the camera must have been conniving with the killers

In the social-media world, particularly Twitter which Locsin had in the past been one of the few Duterte cabinet members were very active on posted a short commentary on why the said massacre had been filmed. He reasoned that the person behind the camera was obviously waiting for the perpetrators to pull the gun and start shooting. Here’s the screenshot of this twit.

Locsin didn’t know that CCTV already exists today?

Poor Locsin, infected with the Duterte virus. He didn’t know that earlier versions of CCTV have been already available since the 1970’s. So judging from his age. I’m sure he must heard of that technology before where a camera can sit for hours on end while recording the loop. I’m not entirely sure what is Locsin thinking but I fear that the CCTV camera might be included in the next Duterte-oust matrix in the days to come.

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