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COMELEC breaks laws to favor a fanatical Pro Duterte candidate

There’s this disgraced PMA cadet whom were taken out of the academy due to his alleged links with CPP founder Joma Sison are now back and pretty much poised to steal a seat in the Congress despite having an age beyond the qualifications of someone that should representing the youth for a youth partylist like ‘Duterte Youth’.

COMELEC recent grant of his substitution was a direct violation on R.A 7941 Section 9 where it says

“.. In case of a nominee of the youth sector, he must at least be twenty-five (25) but not more than thirty (30) years of age on the day of the election. Any youth sectoral representative who attains the age of thirty (30) during his term shall be allowed to continue in office until the expiration of his term..”

It seems that the COMELEC is bending down to favor Cardema owing from the fact he’s been a fanatical supporter of the Chief Executive and has since been doing counter-protests against human-rights groups critical of the Duterte regime.

COMELEC cowers under Duterte

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Despite being a fiscally-autonomous commission. It seems that COMELEC has since been influenced and controlled by Duterte right from the start. If you remember how Bong Go, get away with early campaigning and had a huge head-start compared to his opponents prior the official campaign period? Also, worth noting how he got away with illegally oversized billboards that slipped past COMELEC noses despite the massive online clamor of Bong Go’s brazen shamelessness.

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And when the COMELEC caught whiff of it. Bong Go has already benefited from early campaigning. And why would COMELEC penalize Bong Go? He is the main-man of the President? Technically, he is Bong Go untouchable. I don’t really think this fits in the picture of ‘Tapang and Malasakit’? Powerful oligarchs and billionaires wantonly buying a Senate seat through political influence and sheer campaign funding. Don’t you think this to be very untimely in Duterte’s supposed ”disiplina” centered governance?

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This is not the only time that COMELEC cowered in favor of Duterte’s allies. Remember Alan Peter Cayetano? His running mate who lost the Vice Presidential seat against Leni Robredo in the 2016 elections and was also assigned as DFA Chief were now back again and this time – he brazenly ran along with his wife  Cayetano and his wife Lani for the Congressional seat to representing two separate Taguig districts despite the fact that they were married and should share the same address.

Even Alan Peter Cayetano was hinting that surely COMELEC will junk these complaints. Of course, why would he be expecting that? He knows that COMELEC is controlled by Duterte and all Duterte can do was just to pull the strings and everything will always go as planned.

And now this Cardema incident. COMELEC yet again broke relevant laws which governed proper representation of the youth sector just to favor yet again another Pro Duterte candidate which was clearly covered under:



Section 9. Qualifications of Party-List Nominees. No person shall be nominated as party-list representative unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, a resident of the Philippines for a period of not less than one (1)year immediately preceding the day of the election, able to read and write, a bona fide member of the party or organization which he seeks to represent for at least ninety (90) days preceding the day of the election, and is at least twenty-five (25) years of age on the day of the election.

In case of a nominee of the youth sector, he must at least be twenty-five (25) but not more than thirty (30) years of age on the day of the election. Any youth sectoral representative who attains the age of thirty (30) during his term shall be allowed to continue in office until the expiration of his term.

Exemptions? Under ‘Duterte’s strongman politics – doesn’t seem right!?

You know every regular citizen in this country had to conform to a whole lot of rules at work, at school and perhaps even in our daily commute. Fall in line, Keep off the grass, stop at the stop sign, greet your teachers, pass your papers, come on time etc. And we have been so attuned to this so we live on keeping those things in mind which efficiently runs the cogs of our life until we grow old, wither and die.

Filipinos were completely aware of this reality. Some of these rules prohibit us to ensure the order of things. Which is why Duterte was planning to re-impose ROTC, which was defunct years ago due to scathing revelations of the corruption within the higher ranks of ROTC.  His main reasoning? He wants to instill ”discipline” and this is the main ego which feeds the Duterte organism. ‘Must discipline… Must discipline.. Must discipline..”

But why? The more we see more Duterte allies getting off the hook from plunder charges and some were even completely exonerated of their criminal liabilities only to be re-appointed in higher positions despite their questionable past conduct?

As it is becoming very clear now.  Does this mean that all Pro Duterte politicians, influencers, and allies can now be exempt in our existing laws just because of their fanatical affinity towards the President? If it is – then wait till you hear from these newly elected stamp-pads in the Senate and Congress this coming July. It’s gonna be ruckus.


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