Trillanes suspects Duterte has a secret crush on him

Many of you may not have heard so much about Trillanes back in the day until he’s been subject to Duterte’s full-blown legal-lynching machine through repressive tactics to undermine his most notorious critics including Senator Trillanes himself. There’s so many things you may have heard from him from many of Duterte’s well-oiled propaganda machine including his vitriol troll army who crawls every bit of the Internet looking for engagements and the opportunity to spread the contagion of destroying Senator Trillanes credibility through fake news.

So many times. Duterte tried to put down his greatest foe who’s been able to shoot at his face. He was known to be the man behind the shocking expose’s of Duterte’s Davao Death Squads through credible whistleblowers like Matobato and Lascañas. They bared how Duterte ordered the killings and offered themselves to the authorities should the case be fully investigated even if it’d be at their peril. However, the those hearings have since been shot down by Duterte’s most trusted swine in the Senate. Senator Dick. Don’t be confused with the name ‘Dick’ because he truly is a ‘Dick’.

Duterte’s supreme desperation in constantly trying to grab Trillanes attention

The funny thing about this is that Duterte always have Trillanes name in many of his speeches. He can’t seem to forget Trillanes. Perhaps, even before he sleeps and every morning when he wakes up. He couldn’t think of any other name. But ‘Trillanes’. It makes me wonder what is wrong with him? Of course you never reall know. Not until this year when we’ve heard his speech about ‘gays’.

He said that ‘Trillanes’ could be gay? Which the audience happily agreed — owing the fact that these people have since been poisoned by Duterte’s propaganda machinery which puts Trillanes in a not-so-macho reputation for his stance in human-rights and for not blurting out rape jokes. So typical of what a macho leader, which Filipinos seeks to root for.

So yes. Fine. He made a homophobic statement which clearly puts ‘Trillanes’ in a much awkward position. Eroding his masculinity and putting him back in the world of absurd feebleness at least in Duterte’s own eyes. Gays were presumed to be weak and has no place in a moral society. However, along his speech he may have realized that he just blurted out a homophobic statement so he then retracted and shifted it all to himself.

Fun? Great. Worst. He said that he used to be a ‘gay’ and he was ‘cured’. But how can Duterte be cured with something that wasn’t supposed to be a disease in the first place? Outrageous justification. Many find it very inappropriate for a leader to make such scathing statements out of the blue and expect the whole world to believe him.

Trillanes is a man of integrity, honor, decency and a sure enough a blood of our fallen heroes flows through his veins

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I know the first time you’ve heard of Trillanes was way back at the height of the supposed coup-plots against the former President Arroyo who’s left the armed forces in shambles and mired in corruption which puts many foot-soldiers ill-equipped to face dangerous  armed terrorists and insurgents. Trillanes as a junior officer that time. Has seen the battlefield all in his eyes owing from the fact that he’s always been out of the field along with his men.

The greatest test of patriotism is to put your honor, career and life aside in pursuit of freedom from corruption and to defend the integrity of the armed forces. True to his mandate as the defender of the people even if it means going against the authorities and breaking the chain of command which and his friend held sacred for years in the academy.

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But he went through all of it. His actions were proved invaluable as it enabled the people to truly reflect the true state of the armed forces and shocked our politicians back to their senses in pushing reforms to make the lives of our soldiers better. Although, the soldiers now may have reaped the benefits of Trillanes and his friend’s actions, but they paid the price in full.

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Having been jailed for more than 7 years of doing what is right, just and timely for the goodness of all – is no less an abomination of their patriotic actions. But nevertheless. Their detention was a gathering storm which lifted them up high and won the election against all odds and despite not having been able to campaign outside of their cells.

A God-fearing man. He lived on to be one of the most productive Senators in the Republic. He married and has faithfully been a good husband and father. In the realm of public server,  he even maintained the lowest accumulation of wealth and has always been transparent about it by diligently submitting his SALN’s whenever needed. So owing from that fact – you can sleep well at night thinking that Trillanes didn’t steal a single cent of your taxes.

Perhaps, Trillanes was a kind of man Duterte might want to look up to and idolize. He could just be the ”strongman” that the Philippines need to put our country together and puts us on par with other countries whom were led by promising young leaders like Senator Trillanes.

Nevertheless, if Trillanes was right that Duterte has a secret crush on him. I really don’t think there’s something wrong with it. Because there really isn’t anything wrong with being Gay. Just admit it. Trillanes is a man of fortitude and of course endowed with the matinee idol appearance. So I’m sure it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if anyone would be attracted to him.

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