Sassot went wild after Duterte gay statement blames Rappler reporter instead

Last Thursday, Duterte made a speech in front of the Filipino community in Japan that being ‘gay’ is a disease which needs curing. He even made an insulting jest by calling his archcritic Sen Trillanes ”bayot’ or ‘gay’ which many of the fanatical DDS horde in the audience sneered and cheered with the statement. Sure enough, we can see where this is going. Duterte has always been up against homosexuality right then and there. He consistently uses homophobic statements to berate and curse his supposed political opponents and enemies by labeling them as gays or bayot to erode their credibility. I’m pretty sure that by making this statement – Duterte might feel that he’s oozing in manliness and fortitude and that by doing so makes him more of a man than his enemies?

Gay is a disease and can be cured – Duterte said. Not a joke.

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Personally, I don’t agree with the President’s statements about homosexuality. I believe that everyone has to be afforded by the right to choose their own gender preference. I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone based on his/her gender as prejudice to his/her character. Calling people ”bayot’ or ‘gays’ in an attempt to shame them or make of fun them normalizes gender discrimination in society. Much worse if the statement comes from a man who holds the highest office of the land.

But If I were to wrap my head around the ‘Dutertardic’ thinking. We can be sure that Duterte must be telling the truth? And he can’t be wrong, can he? The video coverage of the said event perfectly recorded what he said. Being a gay is a disease, but it can be cured. Surely, there’s no way you can spin another angle around this can you? These words were very clear. Nope – they’re not jokes as they aren’t funny nor does making fun of homosexuals be good for them. In fact, Duterte said explicitly detailed his story from his experience. If these were jokes, then does this mean that he is a liar and that by calling Trillanes ‘gay’ is like punching him out of thin air?

Sassot reacted and blamed Rappler reporter instead

The funny thing about the Pro-Duterte crowd is that predominantly most of its supposed influencers were ironically a bunch of homosexuals such as Thinking Pinoy, Bruce Rivera, Andrew Olivar, Arnel Ignacio, Aiza Seguerra and one of them most notably a Filipina trans-gender based in the Netherlands named Sass Rogando Sassot who recently justified Duterte’s statement as a ”Joke” a pun intended only for himself.

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So when did calling a ‘Gay’ a disease is a joke? Such statement is far even worst. Anyone’s gender preference should not be a laughing matter. And here goes a colorful trans-gender woman from Netherlands justifying Duterte’s statements as intended for himself? Hello? This is a public speech intended for the crowd. Unless the statement was made in the Karaoke bar or on his dinner table. It was aired live on TV and of course the worst part is that he is the President of the Philippines. He’s not just a random guy on the street that can just get away cracking jokes on people.

Whatever he said must and always be true. Hear it from the man ‘Panelo’ who for so many times justified the fantastical ouster plots as believable given that they came from the great leader himself. So whatever is Sassot dawdling about Duterte joking about himself. I disagree.

Remember how he called ‘Trillanes’ bayot? He called him a ‘gay’ and then connect the ‘Gay’ gender preference as a disease? So in effect Duterte is actually insinuating that Trillanes is gay and is diseased. That’s what it’s all about. Can’t Sassot even think logically? The homophobic slur was meant to attack and make fun of Trillanes which meant that being gay really was as bad as anyone can be. So in order to balance out his supposed statement — he then labelled himself as someone who used to be gay and was able to cure himself. This is preposterous non-sense. No one has been cured of homosexuality. Why can’t anyone be anyone they want? Rather than satisfy societal norms?

Image result for pia ranadaWhat is even worse about Sassot’s reaction on Duterte’s gay slur is that instead of calling his Great Leader out. He then proceeded and attacked a hapless Rappler reporter who was merely only covering Duterte’s speech and accurately transcribing what he said and what he meant in his statements. I’m sure there’s no harm in doing that? The woman is just doing her job. Why blame her for what Duterte said? Maybe next time we should blame the microphone and the speakers?!

Last note. I would like to remind the President that most people were actually born that way. And there’s no point calling someone diseased or poking fun on someone’s gender preference when they never really asked for them in the first place. History has taught us that no man has ever been cured from homosexuality. All of the horrible atrocities perpetrated by man against man started out with statements like this.  It started with harmless propaganda urging discrimination and invoking party patriotism to divide the masses.

I hope that Filipinos will be more vigilant. Remember that the extra-judicial killings and the policy of mass-slaughter started out with propaganda messages like this. It started out with harmless jokes and puns — but altogether paved the way to a publicly supporter policy of mass-slaughter which has murdered more than 20,000 innocent civilians since 2016.

I hope and I pray that the Filipino’s will realize their folly before it’s too late.



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