Congress position up for Sale for 300M! Says Duterte ally

In an exclusive interview with ANC. One of Duterte’s strongest and closes ally in the Congress, former Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. He revealed that in order to win house votes for the house speakership. Each of members of the 300-man House of Representatives be paid in 500 thousand to 1 Million pesos each in order to get their votes. He also stressed that he’s actually keen on reclaiming the House Speakership which he was unceremoniously ousted by then Gloria Macapagal Arroyo but he insists that he wants to reclaim the House Speakership out of his sincere intentions in helping the Duterte administration push its legislative agendas.

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He also reiterated that he’s already been approached by certain funders who’s planning on bribing him and incoming members of the House of Representatives to ensure their win for the House Speakership. This position would give a lawmaker access to budget priorities are much better known as ”Power of the Purse”. So it’s only imperative that anyone would love that position as it’s known to be very lucrative when seeking huge kickbacks from budget allocations.

“It is disgusting to hear that those aspiring to be Speaker of the House need to shell out money to assure their win, “How can we promote fair and clean elections if leaders, including the president, tolerate the practice of bribery and vote-buying? How can we attract well-meaning politicians to take part in public service if at the end of the day what matters is money?” – Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano

Gary Alejano’s take on the issue was pretty accurate. If you can remember that Duterte was okay with rich politicians buying votes and bribing the people during elections? Perhaps, this was equivocal in his somewhat timid stance on the worsening corruption problems in the country.

Philippines more corrupt under Duterte

Just remember that the Philippines ranked lower in 2017, placing 111th among 180 countries surveyed. The Philippines placed 101st out of 176 nations in 2016, and 95th of 168 in 2015. Though by the entry of 2018 it improved slightly but still puts into question Duterte’s strongman leadership which should supposedly deter corrupt politicians from doing their dirty work. However, the opposite is happening. It seems that Duterte is actually even protecting questionable politicians with records of graft and corruption even as far as endorsing them back into public office.

So what happens next this 2019 would be far worse than than the last two-years. Given that the majority of the offices in the government are now under the influence of the President. So we are under a de-facto authoritarian government. One of the things we can expect aside from worsening corruption scandals along with oppressive tax-reforms that will continue to affect our lives. Worst, Duterte’s war on drugs could be more deadly than ever before targeting more innocent civilians.

What you can do right now — is perhaps; Pray for the Philippines.

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