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China requires citizens to remove Jesus Christ images from their homes

In a report published by SMCP. Thousands of Chinese citizens living in far-flung rural communities were swapping religious images and statues of Jesus Christ with the image of their great Communist party leader and perpetual President Xi Jin Ping in order to take advantage of the government’s anti-poverty programs.

Near China’s largest freshwater lake, Yugan county in Jiangxi province is known equally for its poverty and its large Christian community. More than 11 per cent of its 1 million residents live below the country’s official poverty line, while nearly 10 per cent of its population is Christian. But as the local government redoubles its efforts to alleviate poverty, many believers have been told to take down the images of Jesus, the crosses and the gospel couplets that form the centrepieces of their homes, and hang portraits of Xi instead – a practice that hearkens back to the era of the personality cult around late chairman Mao Zedong, whose portraits were once ubiquitous in Chinese homes.

But why does China fear Christianity?

It is important to take note that there are about 68 million Christians in China, which makes it 5 percent of the Chinese population, that puts the Christian population as an influential proportion of society. The leadership of the China’s Communist Party fears that they may stir discontent and rebellion to topple down the party, especially when it comes to its increasingly repressive policies which violates universal human-rights.

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“Foreign forces have used religion to infiltrate China, and extremism and illegal religious activities are spreading in some places, which have threatened national security and social stability.”China’s Foreign Minister

So what did China do to contain and wipe out Christianity in China?

1. They took down Christian churches, statues and symbols
2. They jailed pastors and priests
3. They re-write the scriptures according to suit their narratives
4. They discriminate citizens who exercise their faith

Duterte closely following Xi Jin Ping footsteps — destroy the Church!

Well, we are already beginning to see that Duterte is pre-conditioning the minds of the Filipinos to mock their Christian faith by calling ‘God’ stupid or threatening to kill bishops and priests whom were critical to his brutal War on Drugs. He even encouraged every citizen to try and attack their local churches. He was even planning on removing a tax – exemption for churches and religious sects in the Philippines, which will surely put a strain on the already extremely polarized political environment.

The Philippine president appears to be closely following China’s policy against religion. It seems that he’s sending signals to Beijing that Philippines were being prepared for a full-blown Chinese occupation. We don’t really know what the future brings and I don’t wish to be an alarmist either. However, things aren’t doing well in our country. Anyone in their right mind should be alarmed by how things are done.

Duterte and Xi Jin Ping’s policies against religion ran’s parallel. In fact, if Duterte were to have absolute control of the government. I’m pretty sure he’d do everything in his power to abolish the church and arrest pastors and priests just like China did.

Any dictatorship who squanders upon state-resources to enrich themselves and their friends. As well as to commit human-rights abuses in order to preserve their own party interests rather than the goodness of all. Will – always, always be contradictory to the teachings of the Church.

If you are a religious person and you continue to support Duterte — then make it’s not going to be something you’ll regret in the future.

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