Billions of pesos of Boracay rehab useless as flooding in Boracay worsens

Boracay Island was the proud example of strongman politics where many Filipinos regarded as a great achievement of their great leader Duterte, who were able to cleanup and upgrade Boracay’s seemingly dilapidated roads and drainage systems within just several months. But without taking into consideration the grave inconvenience this has caused to the local populace and small businesses who relied in the daily influx of tourists in the island. The closet has cost more than 20 Billion pesos of revenue to all the businesses, local government units and even workers on the island.

Initially, many experts already disagreed with closing the island entirely as the rehab can always be done without actually closing the entire island at all. It can be done by doing at every sector and zones incrementally until the entire island is rehabilitated. Also, it makes sense to impose stiffer sanctions on resorts violating the environmental laws and dumping waste directly out to the sea.

Millions worth of infrastructure projects on Boracay to rehabilitate Boracay drainage systems

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The government cited main reason why the need to close off Boracay entirely was to rehabilitate the roads and drainage systems to ensure that Boracay is completely flood-proof should there be storms and typhoons. Many find this to be quite reasonable as closing the entire island would make the road rehabilitation far easier than having each section of the road operating whilst the island is open for tourists.

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Huge amounts of taxpayer money were hurriedly funnelled through Boracay for the massive rehabilitation efforts there. Many were quite excited at the prospect of seeing a much upgraded and the better Boracay Island. The first phase of the road project, with a budget of P490 million covering 4.12 km, was completed late last year. The first phase runs from the Cagban port in Barangay Manoc-Manoc to the Elizalde property in Barangay Balabag. The second phase, covering 3.3 km and costing P300 million, started on Jan. 10 and was set to be completed on July 28, 2020.

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The worst flooding in Boracay than before rehabilitation

In just a small downpour of rain. Side roads worse than before the closure after the first few rain showers based on the photo taken by Boracay Rehabilitation Continues.

More photos of heavily flooded Boracay after the small downpour last week.

As it has become apparent.  The question remains. Were the rehabilitation efforts completely useless? Has this even worsened the environmental situation in Boracay? Considering huge amounts of taxpayer funding funnelled through to Boracay to help rebuild its roads and drainage systems, I’m sure the government could at least explain why right now it continues to flood and even worst than before according to the locals who lived there.



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