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Filipinos voted at a gun-point by Duterte’s military and police?

After the tumultuous and messy midterm Senatorial elections, which were bogged down by the sudden upsurge of corrupted SD-Cards, defective VCM’s and delayed transmission of voting results to the media last week. New shocking photos surfaced online showing Duterte’s military inside voting precincts along with their high-powered firearms. You can be pretty sure that those voters would feel very intimidated by their presence it as if they’ve voted at a gunpoint.

According to sources, these photos were taken somewhere in Mindanao where Martial Law were still in effect. Thus, military units have free-reign all over the area without fear of legal reprimands and or strict the observance of due-process. Anyone can be arrested, detained or maybe even killed. So you can expect the level of fear and uncertainty that permeates amongst the locals.

In the above photo, it shows that police officers were even dictating upon one of the voters whom were busy shading her preferred candidates. I’m pretty sure, the presence of police officers around her will force a straight vote for pro-Duterte candidates as their mere presence will intimidate her on thinking twice in voting for the opposition.

Military and police forces inside polling places a violation of Omnibus Election Code. (BATAS PAMBANSA BILANG 881 OMNIBUS ELECTION CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES)

It shall be unlawful for any officer or member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines including the Philippine Constabulary or the Integrated National Police or peace officer or any armed person belonging to any extra-legal police agency, special forces, reaction forces, strike forces, home defense units, barangay tanod, or other similar forces or para-military forces, including special forces, security guards, special policeman, and all other kinds of armed or unarmed extra-legal police officers, to enter any polling place, unless it is his polling place where he will vote but in such case he should immediately leave the polling place,

“ policeman or peace officer shall be allowed to enter or stay inside the polling place except when there is an actual disturbance of the peace and order therein..”

So why are these military men entering polling places with their guns? It’s perfectly clear that something is not right and that by ensuring a continued imposition of Martial Law in Mindanao despite no threats of invasion from credible intelligence sources only means that this was part of the greater scheme to undermine the election and rights of the people to freely choose their candidates.

Failure of elections should be declared all over Mindanao

Aside from widespread ‘Unli Vote’ where a single person were jotting down on hundreds of ballots and casting them all at once in favor of a particular set of candidates could only mean that the integrity of the midterm election has been tainted. Do you honestly believe that this was a clear, honest and transparent election? From what we’ve uncovered so far. Everything is in a great mess. You can add up to that the disenfranchisement of voters brought about by the lack of dependable VCM’s and SD Cards in far-flung regions where a replacement could take up to days or weeks.

According to one source. Each person who wants to sell their votes would simply have their names listed along with their precinct information. And then someone from that precinct will use their ballots and cast their votes to favor a certain party or candidates. Which, ironically, most of the candidates who won were in the Duterte’s side and not even a single opposition senator who won a single seat in the Senate.

Until now, COMELEC hasn’t sufficiently answered all our questions regarding the said massive election cheating operations in Mindanao. I supposed these photos would have been an immortal proof of the COMELEC’s incompetence and the helplessness of the Duterte administration for ensuring a clean, unbiased election.

If this doesn’t outrage you enough. Then what else can? We can’t go on like this and we don’t deserve this. Hence, I demand that COMELEC declare a failure of elections in Mindanao due to a lot of issues and glaring violations which puts the integrity of the election results questionable at best. I suggest that no senatorial candidates be announced just yet pending the resolution of these issues.



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