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Bikoy video sharer now working for the NBI Cyber Crime division?

O, NBI and DOJ, pwede ba magtanong? Rodel Jayme pala is an NBI consultant? 😏

If everyone can recall, the DOJ indicted Jayme for inciting to sedition raps in his purported role of uploading Bikoy videos to the Internet. The NBI arrested Jayme over the Bikoy videos, specifically, in sharing content through his website, the Metro Balita. To recall again, the Bikoy videos are a series of exposes from a supposed former member of a drug syndicate, who alleges that the First Family are involved in or have benefited from the illegal drug trade.

So NBI, why the need for the drama where your agents supposedly searched Jayme’s residence and eventually got hold of Jayme’s computer, mobile phone, and internet service provider billing statements? According to DOJ’s Guevarra, Jayme was eventually arrested on the basis of an NBI forensic report on the devices seized from him, which allegedly shows that the Metro Balita website was indeed registered under his name.

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Now, legal counsels of a prominent private firm sought the help of the NBI for a hacking incident and guess who presents himself as NBI Consultant? Yup, Jayme. 🙄

DOJ and NBI naman, what’s with all these drama? You implicated LP, Vice President Leni Robredo, and other social media personalities over the Jayme brouhaha when all these time, NBI consultant pala si Jayme currently working in your offices? NBI consultant in exchange for what? 😒 Tsk, tsk, tsk. What other drama are you spinning, matrix more pa ba? Bad yaaaaan. 😡 Nagtatanong lang po ha?

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