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Supreme Court questions Duterte’s neglect of the West Philippine Sea

Chinese President Xi Jinping trooping the line with President Rodrigo Duterte at the Malacanang Palace grounds on November 20, 2018. Photo by Mary Grace dela Serna/Rappler

The Supreme Court issued the ‘Writ of Kalikasan’ Friday, May 3 to compel the Duterte administration and much of the military top-brass on their failure to enforce environmental laws in the West Philippine Sea as whilst China voraciously harvested metric tons of clams unchallenged which was seeded by Filipino scientist decades ago to help revitalize the fishing population in the area and their illegal reclamation activities which destroyed hectares of critical coral-reef systems which was home to many species of marine life. Though in the past, the Duterte administration claimed that they have filed numerous diplomatic protests to China but won’t show the exact contents of the protest or even verify the existence of such protest at all.

“The Supreme Court, in a special en banc session held on Friday, issued a writ of kalikasanto protect, preserve, rehabilitate, and to restore the marine environment in Scarborough Shoal (also known as Panatag Shoal), Ayungin Shoal, and Panganiban Reef (also known as Mischief Reef),”

“This affirms, at this juncture, the Philippine position made before the international arbitral body that the disputed islands fall within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines, and must therefore be protected by Philippine authorities as required by the Constitution and domestic environmental laws. Also that the Philippines, at least thru the judiciary, is not waiving its rights over them by acquiescing to the unilateral actions of another State,” IBP President Abdiel Dan Fajardo

China must pay for reparations of environmental damage in the West Philippine Sea

A recent documentary released by ABS CBN shows that the Chinese fishermen who were harvesting giant clams in the West Philippine were actually assisted by Chinese Coast Guard as small speed boat sails in between ships. Which leaves us with a bitter impression that China was just faking it with Duterte and the truth is that they are more interested in stealing all our natural resources and destroying our environment in the West Philippine Sea while our bribing our politicians to silence. You can watch the video below.

This is also in line with the recent Permanent Court of Arbitration award which states that China must be willing to pay reparations for its illegal activities in the West Philippine Sea especially the destruction of critical coral-reef systems and for illegally harvesting giant clams which were protected by both local and International environmental law.  However, despite the PCA award – many Filipinos were brainwashed by Duterte’s propaganda machine and instead shift their blame over to PNOY while wallowing in a defeatist stance.

We lost Sandy Cay because of Duterte

Now to make matters worse. It appears that Duterte’s surprisingly timid defense of the West Philippine Sea allowed the Chinese ships to permanently maintain their presence in Sandy Cay which was merely a few kilometers from a Filipino occupied Thitu Island. If Sandy Cay slowly transforms into military garrison complete with docks and airport hangars then we will surely lose ‘Thitu Island’ from China. Many Filipinos who live in the island will be evicted and left without homes.

There’s so much at stake in the West Philippine Sea that’s beyond Internet memes and senseless partisan debate. I’ve seen many people ranting about how PNOY handled the West Philippine Sea issue and even hinted that it was him who actually sold the West Philippine Sea over to China — which was completely wrong in so many levels.

PNOY bravely fought for our territorial rights in the West Philippine Sea

To set the fact straight contrary to many of Duterte’s fake news bloggers out there. PNOY did not enter any questionable deals with China compared to Duterte and Arroyo’s JMSU which allowed China to survey and explore areas in the West Philippine Sea unchecked. It’s also PNOY who confronted China in the world stage and filed the memorial over to the United Nations prompting China on the defensive. It was also him who rapidly modernized and expand our navies to counter the Chinese threat in the high-seas.

So the question of PNOY selling the West Philippine Sea is absolutely wrong.

Vote for candidates that are NOT  PRO CHINA!

Now, I’ve been saying this over and over again. Make sure not to vote for Chinese backed candidates who serve only to satisfy their benefactors with protection from much of the Philippines patriotic band of dissenters and nationalists. We can’t afford a government that answers only to quench Xi Jin Ping’s whims and gradually pave the way for total subjugation of our country under Chinese rule. We can’t let that happen. The power to change the course of our future lays in our own hands. Go out in May 13th. Vote and together we can change the course of history for the better.

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