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Imee Marcos defends China then blames Filipino’s for asserting rights in the WPS

The daughter of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos commented on the issue in the West Philippine Sea last month by saying that we should not have filed the memorial in the Permanent Court of Arbitration and rallying the support of the International community to assert our rights in the West Philippine Sea. In short, it was the Filipino’s fault for defending our own country.

“Tayo nag-umpisa ng gulo eh. Bakit naman kasi natin hinabla sa world court?” (We were the first one who fired the first shot, why did we escalate this to the world court?)

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Appallingly, I don’t even know if Imee Marcos has access to Google and or the Internet in general. I’m sure she can afford to buy decent Internet service at par with the copious fundings she paid to his social-media strategist Mabanta.

For so many years. I wonder how could she have not noticed the hundreds of detailed media documentaries, naval conflicts and back-and-forth diplomatic row between China and the Philippines which is all over the newspapers, radio, and television. Where was Imee from all those years? Did the Philippines really fired the first shot? Oops, not really.

So how did it all begin? It started way back decades ago around the immediate aftermath of the second world war around 1951 with the signing of the Treaty of San Franciso where Japan surrendered all of the territories it acquired in its imperial expansion years ago. And that China, which has just been overtaken by the newly established Communist regime considered themselves as the successor state wanting that the entire South China Sea as theirs.  The first premiere of the Communist Chinese regime Zhou Enlai endorsed the concept of ‘nine-dashed’ line as far back as 1949 using historical documents and ancient maps to prove their claim.

Though in the pursuing years since 1950s to ’60s. Much of the world’s attention is focused on how to pacify territorial disputes between coastal states and create a standardized International maritime law which puts the naval boundaries between countries according to their geographical baselines. In the ensuing discussions between world leaders from 1958 to 1973. Much of the shoals and reefs in the South China Sea remains sleepily placid. However, somewhere in the 1970s,  Imee Marcos father, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos declared the Spratly Islands under Philippine territory herein referred to as the ‘Kalayaan Group of Islands’ by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1596. Everything else follows. Other countries followed suit, establishing outposts in their own respective zone of influence.

So basically, I think Marcos did the right thing. Because it doesn’t really make any sense of why we shouldn’t attempt to control these critical areas owing to the significant threat it may pose if a foreign country controls them before we did. Also, we’re geographically situated on many of these shoals and reefs. The most noteworthy would be the Spratlys and Scarborough.

Arroyo’s treachery and corruption scandals allowed China unrestricted access to the Spratlys

According to confidential diplomatic cables from the US embassy. It appears that Arroyo’s husband, Mike, had accepted multimillion-dollar kickbacks from China in return for facilitating a $349 million telecommunications deal between the Chinese ZTE Corporation and the Philippines’ National Broadband Network (NBN). The memo was referring to the 2005 Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU) agreement between China, Vietnam, and the Philippines that coordinated “pre-exploration” of possible hydrocarbon reserves in the Spratlys.

Barely hitting the deadline for the 2009 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)  setting the territorial baselines of the Philippines. Arroyo made a compromise move which would surely anger China as it included parts of Scarborough and Spratlys but it is necessary to contain the damages she’s done.  But China has even tightened its grip over the West Philippine Sea.

So Arroyo made our problems in the West Philippine Sea — from problematic to worst.

As expected, everything went downhill from there as the Philippine authorities caught a whiff of Arroyo’s anomalous projects and deal with China and then eventually arrested for graft charges. The newly elected President Aquino though tried to recover and re-assert control over what was lost from Chinese incursion on Philippines seas. But what’s stopping them?

But then Duterte freed her from chains and even re-instating and giving her new powers and even to the point of getting her former cronies, friends, and allies re-instated to prominent positions. In turn, Gloria was able to churn all of Duterte’s legislative agendas ensuring that they will get a free pass in the Congress.

Arroyo the traitor of the Philippine Sea is Imee Marcos dear ally and friend

We’ve seen Imee Marcos and Gloria Arroyo, together and they agree on almost everything. One of which is on how they can better serve the President and satisfy his dictatorial whims. And then perhaps the next thing that they both agree together is their appalling ‘Pro Chinese’ leanings which makes me wonder if Imee Marcos is China’s puppet Senator scheming on putting their family back in Malacañang. If that happens, it would be disastrous.

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Both them has a personal grudge against the Aquino’s. For example, Imee Marcos father died in exile and the family had been living in the rock for quite some time, even as far as paying up Martial Law victims and then the PCGG established by Cory Aquino went after their stolen wealth and recovered huge chunks of them back into the Philippine coffers. So you can see how bitter Imee was against members of the Aquino family. Perhaps, even the sane, patriotic and pro-democratic Filipinos who don’t really agree with the Marcoses supposed greatness and contributions to the country which is understandable anyways since of most of these stories were seemed to be manufactured by their personal social-media army.

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So now you know why Imee Marcos is also adopting the ”defeatist stance” over China just like Arroyo and Duterte. Did you see the pattern? It’s pretty obvious that Imee Marcos is also a Chinese controlled politician vying to get elected to ensure a complete dictatorial government in favor of his patrons in China. The writing is all over the place. We know where this is going and you should be alarmed that many Filipinos continues to rally under her banner despite his many pretentious acts.

I could only hope that the Filipinos will be united as one before May 13 and vote on who is really capable and right in the Senate.

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