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A Woke Bisaya Millennial – A Personal Pledge

Reading across comments in SunStar and Cebu Daily News, it makes me sad that some people are insinuating we are paid “Php 500 plus snacks” and demanding photos and videos with the Cebu Miting de Advance everywhere for zoom in, zoom out, drone shot, crowd shot and bird’s eye view. Are you threatened by the “minority”? Unsa’y problema ninyo? Pang gawas mo diha sa inyuhang balay. Maayo ramo sa social media manglait. Leave us alone with your nonsense. We will bring an informed, better choice to the people in the streets, in the markets and in far-flung towns. Whether we are only 5 or 500 or 2,000 people – I am proud to say we don’t have free burgers nor rice packs nor sardine cans nor shuttle buses! Naa ko didto sa duha ka event. Wala miy bayad or gasa. All volunteer-driven. All people who were in Talo-ot, Argao and Plaza Independencia attended because we believe that this country deserves something better!

Bash me all you want call me baboy, call me negro. The hell I care. Wala koy labot!

It is public knowledge within my circle that I am a staunch pro-American. I hated the fact that I was born a Filipino; I spent a fortune on skin whitening that never worked 😂😂😂. I’ve always dreamed to be an American.🇺🇸 I’ve always said that I was born here, but I will die in American soil.

I am a typical indifferent millennial. I am more interested in the new iPhone, the newest GoT episode, saving money to travel abroad, to buy my first car than the issues of my country. Deep in my heart, I believed some Filipinos are poor, lazy and inferior because they choose to be poor. As I visit towns and barrios in campaign sorties, the more people I met and spoke with in the markets, in the streets, the inner barrios and the rural areas – my perception changed dramatically. The common people are honest and hardworking. They wake up in the crack of dawn and perform back-breaking work to provide for themselves and their respective families; the 70’s lolo selling pinaypay bananas in Alcoy market, the nanny who carries a wicker basket full of vegetables, the pedicab driver who ferry people around in the scorching summer sun, the farmer who dries the palay beside the highway, the fisherman who the ventures in the sea, the tanodbayan who manages the traffic – while here I am working half-heartedly in a 16-degree climate controlled office with 24/7 security, free-flowing food, refreshments, and a huge working toilet with all the amenities. I go home to a comfy, air-conditioned room with a huge TV, cable and internet service fast enough that can power a school’s computer lab. I can sleep soundly knowing that when I wake up, I can buy any food I want and delivered to my doorstep. I can go a doctor anytime I want so I can get a sick note for being tired and stressed out. I ask myself, “what have I done to deserve to all the blessings I enjoy in my life?”. Do I really deserve all these while my countrymen who work much, much harder than I find it difficult to eat three square meals a day? Worrying if their house can keep them safe from harm? Choosing between sending their kids to school or letting them work? Waiting for daye to see a doctor? Getting paid Php 200 per day while raising kids? Receiving measly pension and choosing which medicine to buy first in order to survive? Is it normal for children getting killed in “drug operations”?

Nope, I don’t deserve anything at all! Am I just lucky? Good graces? Not really.

I am sorry to my fellow countrymen for I have failed. I am insensitive to your needs.

I am not a devout Catholic – I identify as an agnostic. Regardless of what I believe in, God gave me a gift. I know I’m smart. I can speak and write well. Many people have told me so. My problem is I used these gifts only for my personal gain and benefit and to the detriment of the society and the people around me. I have made plans to immigrate but I will set them aside for now. I promise to work on my schooling this June of 2019 and study political sciences and work my way up to be a public lawyer, and if fate allows, chart my future in politics and public service. I promise to offer my life on helping out others in the best way I can. I am not a child nor a descendant of political clans, I am not from the elite. I am just like everyone else. I have bills to pay. My plan may take years in the horizon, while I am on my way – I will continue to support, serve and endorse people, like ALL the candidates Otso Diretso which I believe is the best way forward for the nation. These people are not perfect but definitely better than the others. I won’t say anything to the other candidates. It’s all for you to decide.

Thank you to all the officers and members of Cebu Action Group for bringing me along the trail and for opening my eyes to the truth.

Always remember, vote not for who the president nor anyone tells you to. Vote for yourself, your children and your country. Rich or poor, educated or not, we are equal in the upcoming elections. The real People Power is not about rallying on the streets but on the sacred ballot. Everyone gets one vote, no amount of anonymous trolling will suffice.

I invite my fellow countrymen to join us! Win or lose, we will show the world that we resist tyranny, persecution, and corruption.

Otso Diretso sa Senado

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Louie John A. Bandolon
Lumad na Sugbuanon

We will attend a Mass in Simala and work our way Boljoon, Oslob, Santander, Samboan – round south this weekend. We invite all like-minded people to join us in the last hurrah of the campaign. Contact us via FB Cebu Action Group (CAG) or send me an email.

Hindi po ako binabayaran ng Liberal Party or anyone else. This is my own free will. Willing po ako mag bigay ng bank statements at pipirma ng waiver para patunayan yan.

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