Millions of Filipinos who shared ‘Bikoy’ videos will also be arrested including DDS?

An ordinary netizen and web-administrator of ‘Metro Balita’ blog Rodel Jayme were arrested by the authorities simply for sharing a video uploaded in Youtube which accused members of the Duterte family to be connected in the illegal drug trade. Though the NBI has since confirmed that they have not yet been able to establish a link between him and the original owner of the Youtube channel ‘Ang Totoong Narcolist’ where the offending content has been deemed ‘seditious’. But still, they kept him detained until inquest proceedings.

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So if Rodel Jayme was NOT the uploader and merely a video sharer?

Then that makes more than a million video sharers equally guilty of inciting sedition too?!

At first, it was said that the Duterte administration will file ‘cyber-libel’ charges against Rodel Jayme however they changed that to ‘inciting sedition’ since it’s not possible for him to be indicted in cyber-libel charges since he was not the original uploader of the video in the first place. However, this is only making things more complicated than they are. Since if it’s possible that such charges be filed against a citizen who merely shared the offending content then that makes almost everyone equally guilty?

There’s a reason why ‘Free Speech’ is guaranteed in the Constitution and that is, of course, to enable the masses to freely express their concerns, beliefs, ideas and as well as demand accountability to their government. Such as in the case of the ‘Bikoy’ videos. We may not yet be able to establish clear evidentiary links on Duterte’s participation in the illegal drug-trade just yet but his statements corroborated with other whistleblowers like Acierto, Matobato, and Lascañas.

The clowns of NBI and DOJ will have to arrest millions of Bikoy video sharers then?

The clowns who actually thought of this idea was not only laughable but obviously super ignorant of the indirect precedence of their actions. Should they succeed in prosecuting Rodel Jayme then they must also press charges on all the people who shared the content. Both directly and indirectly. Because by ”technical” definition that data has been ”shared”.

Bear in mind that the Supreme Court already ruled out the criminal liability of people who shared and reacted to libelous content since that is merely an extension of their right to free expression. So how will the clowns in the NBI and DOJ prove that this person who shared the video was guilty of inciting ‘sedition’ and others who also shared the same content were innocent? Here’s what the Supreme Court said “..“The terms ‘aiding or abetting’ constitute broad sweep that generates chilling effect on those who express themselves through cyberspace posts, comments, and other messages. Hence, Section 5 of the cybercrime law that punishes ‘aiding or abetting’ libel on the cyberspace is a nullity…”

The Supreme Court was right. It was there for good reason. But then, ignorant minds of the troll hegemony influenced the flimsy brains of NBI and DOJ and pressed on with the charges.  As Sassot would say in his Manila Times column; This is a ‘test case’ and should the government succeed convicting ‘Rodel Jayme’ for his actions then that means millions of people who also shared the same content on their walls, pages, websites must be charged with inciting to sedition. Even some Duterte supporters who also shared the content in their wall and asking others to do

Video sharers, reactors, commenters, etc including Duterte supporters were also guilty of sedition?

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Now let me explain to you why. The technical operation of social-media hinges on what we call ‘social algorithms’ which detects and prioritizes the content which appears in our newsfeed. These particular algorithms were designed to detect and analyze the user’s interests based on his/her recent interactions with his friends or pages etc.  Let me give you an example

JAYME: Shared the video on his website

PEDRO : (a DDS) Commented on the video which indirectly distributes the content to all of his/her friends based on the basic algorithmic operation of the social media network.

JAYME: Was arrested for inciting sedition

PEDRO : (a DDS) Who commented on the video or reacted to it anyway must also be guilty of sedition given the fact that he/she was also guilty of distributing the content in the first place?

The operative element which the clowns of NBI and DOJ have been harping about is the fact that anyone who merely distributed the offending content must be arrested for inciting sedition. Which by technical definition alone makes almost everyone equally guilty even the DDS trolls who commented or reacted in those posts.

Will the Duterte administration start arresting these people soon? And where will he jail millions of his own people who dared criticized and accused his family of their links in the illegal drug trade?

Remains to be seen… But just imagine the logistical challenge? And that millions of people will no longer be paying taxes to the govt? Will the jails may run out of funds to keep the lights running?

Oh boy. This is hilarious. Perhaps, in my opinion. This the most stupid government in the entire world many times over… :/

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